31 July, 2018

The old prayer I read before my first trip to Dublin and heard about 311 Tunami in Japan

It's a long time ago when I visited Dublin first time for the Knock Shrine pilgrimage after staying at a Poor Clare convent. I read the small book and it had the prayers about nuclear. Well, I thought it was Sr. Pam or someone's but it was Sr. Leo... well I don't know what happened with the history. But I had the information recorded to solve my personal mystery. Which prayer made me somewhat shocked, and here it is.

I had a strong pain of the thirst and stabbing feeling in my throat down the tongue area and my elbows and shoulder joints got so much pain as if I used too much. So, I could not move well and it happened from the early morning of the last day in the Poor Clare's convent. And the same pain occurred for later days. I heard some Koreans from Zagreb came with the Soujya-city Muslim Souka Gakkai club for the human experiment and they implanted something at that time when I was in the convent.