06 July, 2018

The Pavilion blog actually still on blogger

Today, I found a strange activity happened with my Google Chrome. I cleared cookie yesterday or the day before. And when I tried to open Gmail website, I found Robert Heathrow related gmail name already on the sign in list. I saw two of them. And one of them got one letter extra to make it wrong. Theathrow.. So, I was able to open my account with a new password. I only got sample version book.

And I found it strange who left the gmail email addresses there after deleting cookies. I don't think someone entered into my room yesterday night. But I just share the strange thing happened to me.

The V2K speakers threaten me about Yoshiki would be stealing my name. Who is Yoshiki? Leon Yoshiki? I heard Leon Stork would be using the name of Leon Kabuki or Leon Kazuki once again. The V2K speakers said to me in Lisbon that they brought Leon Yoshiki for the theft activities and it happened to me as someone stole my backpack in the city same day.