14 January, 2011

Water boarding by electroinic harassment

Sometimes, when I have something important to do or on travel, I get problem of continuous coughing from the exceeding amount of fluid goes down the throat and enter the lungs. It's different from the runny nose happens when I catch cold, because the fluid only goes down more from the area back of the nose and it does not flow to nose. I can feel the pressure from the liquidation of the area but the liquid is not sticky. Because it continuously runs towards the lung, I can feel some heavenliness near the upper lung just like the time when I get flu and too many body fluids flowing like runny nose. Fluids entering the lung area causes coughing, and it causes me to have less concentration as well as it takes my stamina. I have shallow breathe, too.

So, what kind of disease can only cause someone to have the body fluids only go down back of the nose to the lung? It only happens when I have something important to do. Unlike a regular disease, it only happens few minutes to few hours, or just only few times at night to wake me up. It's one of the electronic harassment symptoms, isn't it? I think this is a minor version of water boarding.


Anonymous said...

Jared Lee Loughner, the Tucson killer, was a gang stalking target individual (and a mind control slave)