11 January, 2011

Soka Gakkai pearsuadeing me to change my religion again

The Soka Gakkai middle-age woman came back next day. This time, she tried to give me a large brochure with the title of SGI. I said her, "No thanks. Throw it away." It was really annoying for me someone asking to change my religion. I'm properly baptized and registered as a Catholic. I'm proud to support Vatican and the Pope. If she really left the brochure, I would simply put it in the rubbish bin in front of her.

Say, Unification Church in Korea was developed by the top KCIA officials as the core members. Soka Gakkai is also Japan's "new new religion" like Mahikari and Aum Shinri-kyo. These have the purpose on studying cults, mind control, brainwashing. They are related with the intelligence. Soka Gakkai has members of PSIA, police officers, and such. Such study can go back on Alaster Crowley or ancient times. Aum Shinri-kyo got some top experienced members from Unification Church. "Co-founder of Aum Hayakawa Kiyohide was sent by Unification Church. He brought methods of mind control and millions of dollars and at least 12 Unification Church members to Aum. (http://www.fact-index.com/a/au/aum_shinrikyo.html)" Soka Gakkai is one of the intelligence front group for the benefit of Japanese intelligence and CIA. I know these facts, I don't want to get in trouble with these new cult religions.

In my case now, Japanese and Koreans are often showing up to communicate me. I don't know if this is how Japanese victims are encountering gang stalkers in Japan. I'm in Europe but in the area of many immigrants. Like this morning, another Japanese woman showed up and asked me what I'm doing and my nationality. She just asked me questions, so I just answered some brief information without giving any details. I told her I'm Christian, so if she is a Soka Gakkai member pretending to show up as a coincidence after the first woman failed for the persuasion, I can say that she has no choice of telling about Soka Gakkai. If this happens again, I will report my incidents to some organizations including the one that are of the Soka Gakkai victims. I've been asked to change my religion by a stranger for few days, so I can say I'm one of the Soka Gakkai victim from now on.

I noticed that Soka Gakkai is a sect/cult because the member cannot explain why their religion is good. They seemed to have lack of proper knowledge of what they know. For example, the Japanese woman who suggested me of visiting their community only said "do you know Soka? There are lots of members. I think Soka suits you." What is it? I can replace the word "Soka" with another popular bland; "Do you know Nike? There are lots of fans. I think Nike clothes suit you." So, my first impression of Soka Gakkai from her was like an advertisement of the brand name. She seemed not knowing any reason of why their religion is good. I think it's a shame as she seemed to not capable of telling a stranger what is the core concept of their religion at all. She would probably say the name of the leader Mr. Ikeda or something and says he is good as the reason. Another characteristic of cult - charismatic leader and the members only follows what he says rather than thinking by their own.

If it is Christianity, we have the belief based on what Jesus did and his actions described in the gospels. The core concept can be said in one sentence; "Christ has died, Christ is risen, and Christ will come again." For the Catholics, the Pope's speech and the teachings from the priests rooted back to Vatican will be added for the current view of the religion. For the protestants, their local priests and the understanding from the Bible will be added to their view.

Maybe, the problem of Soka Gakkai is having too many members lacking the knowledge in their religion. I have seen Jehovah's Witness members passing their brochures on streets, but they do not persuade others to join. It was much passive way of advertising their religion. From my encounter with the Soka member, she came while I was alone and tried to tell me about Soka Gakkai. She was pushing her view instead of respecting my religion or asking my religion at all. If there are more members without knowing the proper knowledge, they can increase the corruption of the religion. Say, isn't it the time for Soka Gakkai members to create another religion to avoid the corruption? It happened before and that's why they are separated from original Nichiren-soshu, isn't it? On the contrary, Catholics are aware of such problem, so anyone wants to become a Catholic must go through a period for learning Catechism to be recognized so. Catholics usually do not ask others to become Catholic unless they are interested in the religion. I have seem some people claiming as Catholic yet they do not go to church every weekend which is mandatory nor avoiding the sins described in the Ten Commandment. These people seem to be comfortable switching to another religion or pretending to be in another religious group for their covert operation of surveillance - like the ones moved from Unification church to Aum Sinrikyo. This is another reason of the problem of the corruption for many religions.

By the way, my tips of getting away from cult are:
1. State your religion and tell them you are proud of your religion.
2. Avoid making further conversation nor telling personal information to the people who asked you to change your religion.
3. If you get problem with a cult, seek a victim groups about that religious group and get help.
4. Tell others your problem with the religious group. In Japan, some people were kidnapped and got killed by a cult, Aum shinrikyo. Share your problem before you might be the another victim of a serious crime.

創価のおばさん、今度はSGIとかいう題名の冊子を押し付けようとしたので、「No thanks. Throw it away.」と言って断りました。貰ってたらおばさんの見ている前でゴミ箱に捨てるつもりでしたが。創価学会の人たち、カソリックにまで改宗を勧めるのはいかがなもんでしょうかね?「創価って知ってる?いっぱいメンバーがいて有名なのよ。創価はあなたに合っていると思うの。」なんて会話で近づいてこられたのですが。創価学会って、中身のない名前だけのブランドみたいに聞こえました。他の有名ブランドに変えても会話が成り立ちますね。「ナイキって知ってる?いっぱいファンがいて有名なのよ。ナイキの服はあなたに合っていると思うの。」とりあえず、相手の宗教とかまったく無視して自分の宗教を押し付けるのはカルトと呼ばれてもおかしくないですね。私も今回のことで、創価学会の被害者と名乗れる立場になりましたよ。



Anonymous said...

Miyoko, I dont agree that the world mind control is being done by the CIA, or the government or any other human organisation using MKULTRA developed technology. The origin is non-human.

Just look at the Tucson killings. Jared Lee Loughner, the 22 year old killer, was totally mind controlled to go and kill democrat congress woman Giffords, BUT it is done by non-human entities, just like gang stalking mind control games.
ALL assassinations, unexplained violent acts and so on, are done by NON-HUMAN entity, using mind control, including terrorism, wars, abuse, medical malpractices, etc

Anonymous said...

Is depression mind control?

the answer is yes, it is artificially induced by non-human entity harassing humans

We are discovering that Psychiatry is basically a huge scam. Most anti depressive medicines dont work because the reason for that depression has nothing to do with an illness, it is induced in the people from outside

Anonymous said...

Guiffords shooting was done with mind control. The perps are non-human entities. These entities divert the blame on us humans. Depression is really mind control. Other mental illnesses are also mind control done by non-human attackers

Anonymous said...

Psyquiatry is a big big fraud to hide gang stalking


Anonymous said...

9/11 terrorist attack was done by a non-human Intelligence (working through human beings, absolute behaviour manipulation). All we know is that this non-human intelligence is at war with the human race, diverting the blame on us human race, its the same non-human entity that is torturing us with gang stalking (acoso organizado). Madrid terrorist attack 11-M was also done by this same non-human Intelligence, manipulating human behaviour. Also Perl Harvour and Kennedy assassination were concocted by this non-human intelligence. There is no such "human conspiracy" going on in history, its all done by this criminal extremely cruel non-human entity that controls to the ultimate consecuence human behaviour.
There are no psycopaths,...its all mind control driven by non-human intelligence.