17 June, 2011

"brothers and sisters"?

Does anyone visited Catholic masses that the priest is speaking only "brothers" and skips "and sisters" during the Penitential Rite? I have seen this in different churches I visited and they are different orders. I am just curious about the frequent encounter of such masses. The priests would talk about the evangelism but it looks a bit funny as they skips a part in the common Penitential Rite. I didn't know a part of the Penitential Rite is skippable.

I often encounter people suddenly showed up inside of the church and taking pictures, but this time, I ignored them. Then an Asian mid-age man showed up and he took pictures almost every statue and painting inside of the church. Last time was two Asian mid-age women who sat right side of me and they did not participate in the mass. Them and I were the only Asians in the church, and the people participating in the mass was small. Then I realized that what they are doing might be for expecting me to act the same and then make a suspicion only on me as one of them. Isn't it how the covert operation goes?

When I was traveling, I encountered 6 Muslim women with hajab in the bus. They took two buses which I rode. Moreover, I saw the Turkish woman who sat on the bus across from my seat in the another bus, and later she settled down to the room below mine in the place for staying... I met a man who is planning to travel to the city I was from, and another man who is from that city in the same day as I but later time. I never saw any Muslim here with hajabs. It was so strange to see some people wearing hajab near me during the trip and a Turkish woman ending up staying under my floor..

What the perps want to use the church would be a place to correct money for their covert activities. They can charge people to enter the church; they can ask more donations for different purposes during the mass; they can harass any suspicious individual entering the church to be under the surveillance. No more visitors who wants to pray in a church.