21 October, 2018

Why Kurds lost on the War on Terrorism competision

I heard the Japanese Muslims worked with Turks as the Kurd pretenders to be harsh and dangerous. But they died out after the Syrian War. The war timers thought Syrians would be easily recruited into the Japanese desert teams in Kazakhstan and after the trip to Kurds region. What happened was the Syrians took the hostages of the Kurds women and the woman's face and body were wiped out by the pebbles as the image of showing the fire starting and other crazy jokes as how far the women can get the tortures. And it was done. No women.

Thus, Kurds are not recruited into the Muslim division.

And I heard more Muslims like Syrians and minorities in India would go through the same way after their women killed.

Currently, the female mocking is going on by the police officers everywhere. Women's belongings are damaged and wealth taken. Names stolen by the Muslim women. Islamic law is such a crude way of showing no more freedom on the women. Females can be taken as hostages. Thus, the women can be mocked more from their own nationality or regional basis. A woman would be harassed by the Muslims from one's own nationality. Muslims take the female gender identity as the sex object or birth giving object. Thus, there is less mobility on the women around.

Much worse is the situation of the police groups pretending to be drug dealers and mafias while they claim drug sellers are their targets. So, the police just be there as law for judging others only from their fake evidences and crude sciences. Police officers would bring their own people to settle into the area their target would go. And, it is the same way the textbooks and jobs are stolen. The police/mafia team would bring their own people to take over the study materials and jobs. In the same way, there are many people replaced around. But it is not necessary about Islam. Pedida supporters like me would be added for the Islam claim. Nothing functioning these days for taking out the Muslims or whatever. 


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