10 October, 2018

taiyou no kunji (太陽の訓示/The Revelation of the Sun) as the War signal from the Japanese emperor

I heard from the V2K that "the Revelation of the Sun" is something as the signal of the war from the Japanese emperor once again after the World War II. And the same Japanese royal funding was used for crashing the Catholics in Croatia for the Japanese Navy invasion around Pula for raping kids and replacing families to have the pro-security people and also for the Hiroki Noda's clan settling north of Zadar. Also for Zadar people for stealing the wealth from Filipino population in Croatia with Bulgarians.

Bulgarians got enough Japanese SDF and NINJA training ready for the invasion in Macedonia. Macedonia, Croatia, Serbia got enough medical funding from Japan as the sex organ checkers and pornography making to sell the naked body image selling of the locals.

I heard this Revelation of the Sun is related with the UN and the UN needs a fake dominance power as the crashing target. Thus, they would say someone or the some groups to be the dangerous ones and the larger sphere is to make the money for the leadership groups. It meant the small workers of their own to be engaged in the wrong doing or even the workers' enemy counted as  the worker for the cutting off the lizard's tail effect. Whatever they do, there is only one emperor group responsible. And they might invade other royal family groups like the Turkish people did in Hungary or Scandinavia by the Saudi government. But that is the same people started war for the dictatorship.