13 October, 2018

Human Zombie

What the zombie boom ended up in the real time line these days? That is the deserted officers. They wonder around without proper names nor social values. So, they need to take someone else as the culprits and trying to get some social respect to be existing. They also hunt someone or someone's wealth in a hoard. Thus, they kill some people for the new life building from the dead or unknown state.

Anything human would be the propaganda from the Saudi Arabia. The people hunt others and that is how the small particles survive on the Earth. Eat and take the shit out. Any other values given to the humans as the life stability making would be stolen easily like the robber time.

We used to have the civilized society with less discrimination as people could achieve something in the social system for the reward system. But now, the merchants and others are taught to swindle and discriminate for the cultural stability building and sometimes corrupted as a part for the military exercises.