10 October, 2018

Leon Piroshiki as the false prophet figure in South America for the UN

I heard Leon guy is engaged in the UN and that is for the world class dictatorship and communism/Nazism. The future UN agenda is given by the Wong Chinese man and he is helping the invasion of Japan from Sado island. There were same police wannabe groups in Takamatu in Shikoku island and their clan rotated around in Shikoku for killing the Buddhist pilgrimages to make their own police money for moving and living. Leon Piroshiki would be the name used for the new UN leadership program after the world journalist conference (world dictatorship conference) in Okinawa. Piroshiki would be the same man as Leon Yoshiki, Leon Hyoshiki, Leon Hazuki, or Leon Kazuki (the one killed out so many in Tohoku region as a German worker).  Leon Piroshiki would cut all the pensions in Japan and give it to the US Army fund. It would be backed up by the France. I heard someone from Sorbonne as a gardening chair in Lyon killed and cloned and raped to death again in Hungary after landing without money. She wrote a book called "Gardening Future." And they would be pushing communism while the France would be turning to the black mass, more Muslim army populations around and killing locals with wealth like the beginning of the communist time.
Leon Piroshiki used to be killing the Japanese Catholics in South America after telling his name is based in Russia and the human excrement contaminated Piroshiki sold in Brazil and other area for the police chosen rotten people wiping out practice. Thus, the South Americans got base of killing in the middle area and dumping site is the place in Northern Chili for the water connection and dumping of massive population to grab some wealth once again like the dictatorship time by the Soka Gakkai.

Meanwhile, Taisuke Okumura's Japanese royal family would be adding Chinese philosophy and Chinese population to Japanese. Thus, the new UN division would be adding Sado island more Chinese for the potential Chinese Wong dictatorship with Leon Yoshiki/Piroshiki to crash the Japanese government. Also, Heihachiro Murayama and his mafia clans from North Korea would replace the dead and killed people in Japan. So, more Chinese and North Koreans would be living in Japan for further war practice with Wong and Leon. Taisuke Okumura might be engaged in the V2K technology for making everyone hear once about the denial of wealth or money before their stuffs to be stolen so the police won't feel no bad feeling after the thievery by their own people. This giving up of wealth is a normal norm in the future UN.  But it meant the world super power USA to be powerless after it is pushed as the dictatorship by the communists - the wealth and foods are from someone else and stealing is how they obtained. The citizens names are misused for stealing the wealth also. The religious people would have the police workers and the police workers replaced all the good people and only the police helping rapers and thieves are working at the churches and mosques or whatever. In such case, anyone giving donation would be targeted for the name replacement and even murder for the religious cult sake. The new one visited and give up wealth for us! And that works any religion.That's cult.

Wong would be the same "everybody wants money!" shouter and Steve Suzuki rapper guy supporter. Wong clan would be still doing the seminar about how to treat women and the women are tortured for the Iran and Saudi funding on their religious police clan making. Thus, more single women are counted for some physical and mental damages as the war lecture on others. Police could be seeing how far women can be treated in the eastern division.

Thus, no where is safe.