07 June, 2018

I heard someone would hack my blog to shut it down.

I have been warned that some mafia groups want to shut down my blog as they see their name and criminal incidents posted here. Mafia members are often listed to others like AL Capone and their team members. Why can't tell the crimes and victimization I went through by the specific people? It's the warning to others, so others won't get in trouble with these people in the specific areas.

And I heard Bosnian SDF mafia groups would be targeting my Rolex for the crime reward. The SDF punks would just hit me and stealing my stuffs this time. The V2K speakers bragged about their killing of so many Lisu - chipmunk in Japanese and it meant Philippians in Chinese way of saying nationality and animal images. How many Philippians died off already in UK? I heard some were in the sea missions like sea crews and more at the bay works were thrown to jail and in the sea for drowning. And the killer got the compensation money.

And Zagreb got so many booking by the Chinese mafia by now. So, I skip to be somewhere else.
I heard Osijek is the location Hideki Hojo killed by the local woman. He nicknamed himself as so and he could be the son of Tukasa Hojo. He had a rose and fist he put it in his mouth for flirting a woman. And later he put it in his anus and he was walking around for the showing off how silly he was with the cigarette smoking together with the same woman and she hit him with something and dumped him in the river later somewhere west from the port. I don't really know the detail but the V2K speakers told me so.

Also, there is the hidden route around Slavonski Brod for the Japanese SDF groups to go underway around 20m down and 50m long. And the man moving out from Bosnia would take a bike parked illegally at the fence area by the Turkish militants. So, I might see these illegal trespassers or the potential killers in next few days. 


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