01 March, 2018

The German couple at the tourist police station in Lisbon

I was stalked by German cars in Fatima and Lisbon as well. When I visited the police station north of Moriz metro station about the bag theft, the reception police asked me how long I have been traveling as if the crime cause. I just visited Fatima before the Lent season and all my relics and data stolen in one backpack. Meanwhile, Germans have been stalking me. When I went out from Welcome Guesthouse, I saw Germans started stalking me. So I have the pretty much German stalker group information as the theft groups in Lisbon.

Here is the German couple showed up and sat behind of me at the tourist police station. How often someone stalked by Germans and being the victim of theft and such?

And there was this guy sat in front of the bench location at the time of my backpack theft happened. He sat there whole time when I was at the bench. So, he might be one of the theft group member. Enough photos for showing who are guilty at the surveillance camera located park in Lisbon.