01 March, 2018

Thieves team at Lisbon Martim Moriz Park - Ash Wednesday

My backpack was stolen when I sat at the Martin Moriz Park for waiting the check-in time to Moriz 28 Guesthouse nearby. I did not know there was a mosque sign not far from the metro station and the accommodation. And the bad thing happened. There is a church next to the park also and it was the location full of Chinese and filthy Muslim people wondering around. It's not far from St. Anthony's birth place church.

While I sat on the outside area, I saw a man approached with a map asking me the direction to the hotel. I filmed him. Then there was a woman came later for the similar map holding as if for the robbery. I think that was the time my bag was robbed.

I bought a new PC and moved to another location now. So, I just have no time for making the OSAM video or the thieves list to be sent to the Lisbon police yet.

Here is the man approached me. Nice to keep the video with me! Or another video is the one. I did not have time checking them around till I make OSAM video.