20 March, 2018

OSAM - February 14th, 2018

Finally, I had some trouble finding the functioning video editor and I made this video. The current Movie Maker for Windows 10 won't help me open mp4 files from my camera records. So, I tried VideoPad (no saving in movie files), OpenShot (no jpg import), Movie Maker 2.26 (no mp4 support) and so on.  Guess which free software I used. At least there are some for the actual use.

February 14th is the Ash Wednesday for 2018 and I had my backpack stolen at Martim Moriz Park in Lisbon. It could be related with Jirocho or Sojya-city yakuza groups who were in Lisbon area for the gang stalking and theft. I heard Jirocho used the same technique of mind business of making someone unconsciously not moving or thinking as the glitch for the theft targets and 60,000€ value Jirocho group made profit. Shouri Nakasone could be from Porto and said "Take Porto from Portugal"to invade the mosques in Porto and he was in Lisbon for "taking out Risu (chipmunk or Filipino women in Chinese slung) from Lisbon"joke.  So, these people in the video could be related with such Japanese mafias.