27 January, 2018

Yutaka Hoshi or Yutaka Mineghishi or Yutaka Mine

I've heard someone from Uigur (Kirgistan) or Uruguay is called as Yutaka Hoshi and he would be working with the Michizane Kaku's mafia business. But his name was changed from Yutaka Mineghishi to Hoshi. It happened after someone from South America was killed in the northern border lines of Croatia by a middle age Japanese German man for the ID theft. Yutaka Mineghishi was actually Yutaka Mine. So, some people switched around his own names as the better solution of their mafia business to be no trace in the same locations.

Kaku group is using the word like Naikaku (inside throwing / Parlament in Japanese). They could be around in Zagreb to Skopje area but he could be in Hungary as well as the name stolen person.

By the way, I've heard Michizane Kaku was caught while he was walking around the border line and crossing to Greece from Makedonia. He sometimes peed in the cans and put a cigarette butt for making the prayer that he would invade Greece from such a line. So, Kaku and other mafias like Murayama, Suga, and so on to make a war toward Kosovo from Skopje but to run around anti-clockwise to hit on Athens to get Turkish militants to join their war and make Bulgarian (SDFs) to join the war around from East to make Nis as the capitol of new Serbia. Belgrade is already taken by the Saudi princess family once after the actual loyal family went missing by the Vienna's underwater billionaires housing which was lost 2 years ago by a Chinese restaurant caused fire inside. Kappa Delta Ray was the name of the housing in Vienna.

I share the information, so what they gonna do in future? Still the same plan to happen?

And I've heard that Soka Gakkai clubs would start the local war from Croatia to Herceg Novi (Kanzashi maturi - Suga club's stabbing festival) and bringing the court items in the south of Ulcinj to count as nothing happened. So, more people's cars would be stolen in Budva to Herceg Novi area.