08 January, 2018

UN or the U file in UCB?

UN WARS is one of the information from the future research. I've heard people engaged in it knew the future people already made their clones in the current time. UN is the concept that the land mass was protected by the company UN. Mr. Trump made the US land value bankrupt after the Federal Reserve contents lost its value - someone smashed around the valuables inside of the reserve and lost its value eventually from the damages. A simple story.

Islamization caused the war on women later as the women could be anywhere with money. For the Muslims, these women could be the pray. It was Obama who caused all the trouble of spreading the Muslims who the Americans built up in the Middle East and wanted to be better off and complained. And these Muslims as the police helpers teaching their way for the policing in UK  and other areas for the wild experiences. After they settled down, they infiltrated in the societies in the US and Europe as well for the migration crisis causing and ending the natives to start killing unwanted citizens. It was the Muslims who go wild and dangerous. So, the natives were taught to act in the same manner of taking out others. Muslims could be dead from the starvation or by the road kill. And the local police here and there became immune of killing others, strangers. Then the next is the police exercise of killing the exceeding women. Women were plenty and not their own must be tormented for their own ribido program. And later, pregnant women were often kicked to death as the ugly item in the household. Males just want sex among the available women and the police business partners.

Thus, these the UN or the new U people would be having the Islam based maleness in the society as the cultural background before all the religion died out. So, the males would be better off with Islamization.

The problem? I'm taunted by the future visitors also. These U people have the culture of hating Christians by showing a X sign with their index fingeres crossed. And that is how they mob the Christians and they deleted all Christians in future. And the mosques died after Obama's hallucinating attack on Tokyo delayed. It was from Saudi Arabia TV program stating that they wanted to kill Obama and Tokyo must be the cause of death in Atlanta where many Muslims received mechanical glasshoppers as the lawnmowing deviced attached human crashing machines from the air plane bunkers.

Does UCB have the same material for the child education about U? I've heard University of Brooklyn some information also. Since these U speakers are also taunting me to be counted on Islam, I just share information as the new book - I have the notes over 3 book length in hand writing with images.

Currently, Germans got chocolate shaped UFO like the floating device to keep 6 cars in maximum and there would be the UN to have the cigar shaped UFO for 2 people. And Chinese got a UFO for 2 people also but with the gas for the engine and its shape is the two lantan connected. They have been around in the sky for few years already as the future technology result. London Archive could be also in Australia ot see who they are in future and asking the future people to revisit a certain spot for the radio chatting.