17 January, 2018

The Best Future Puzzle Game: Space Mate

I learned about the best computer game known in future and more popular than Tetris called "Space Mate." It has 2 to 4 diamond shaped panels dropping and the black holer panel and 5 connected with the bar for getting 3 gold panels. The black diamond shaped panel will make a black sphere in 4 terns on the top and the bar attached in one of the panels dropping as the pack from the right top to be heading top or attached to the panel next to it. And it got a box as the container of 5 colomns high and 20-36 row width. When the panel turns to be the 3 gold panels, the column next to the right disappears for the space to put panels. The black panels gathered to be 4 together and they are deleted together and the left column would be disappeared. What the game is about is to get more gold panels to fill the box out.

It's something like Samegame or the tile clicking game. But I heard that it will be developped by the Canadian woman in future.

I could sell this idea to make a mega hit like Tetris if it is that fun...