02 February, 2018

Organized Stalkers Around Me - January 31st - Februay 1st, 2018 part 1

(first part)
I took a bus from Budapest to Milan. The bus from Velona had the opposite destination sign and I had a problem riding it. Then the clerk said "Milan" and it was Milan airport. So, I had to take a bus and a metro to get to the main bus stop. There was a man tried to pass the metro gate with me and I filmed him.
(second part)
I waited  the morning bus and I saw 2 Japanese women waiting the Croatia bus till 1.30am. The Flix Bus came around 7am. I took the bus by paying over 65€ for the single ride to Lyon. The price on the Internet is 19€ only. So, I paid triple price for the fare.