29 September, 2012

Suspicous Japanese groups and one suspicious man from yesterday

Yesterday, I saw a suspicious man who exit at the metro station where I also exit. He looked suspicious as he sometimes looked at the poster and such to stop by while I was walking very slow to let him walk away. I saw him doing couple of times in the station and then on the street like checking the poster on the parking meter. When I tried to pass him, he saw me and asked me a question in German. I ignored, but it seems an interesting opportunity to fight back and started making a film of the gang stalker. Yesterday was Friday, and I saw many Arabic speaking people on the surveillance.

Today, I took a metro again to near Englisher Garten. The metro was not clouded as it's Saturday morning. I saw a Japanese family with kids stood near my sheet. The kids were noisy shouting in Japanese. These kids were talking about "Kati-kati yama (burning mountain, the famous Japanese old fairy tale)" to their father. They left at Münchener Freiheit station but they seemed to be standing there without leaving the train station. I thought they are perps, and luckily I filmed them from the metro. At the next station, I left and thought of going back to the area. There were two Asian women sat on the bench and I found out they were talking in Japanese. There should not be so many Japanese around, so I suspected them as the gang stalkers. It's just unusual to see so many Japanese in such a short period. I assumed them as they were expecting to be the perps on surveillance to check where I'm heading and such. I don't know if those local self-patrolling team got extra funding from the recent WWII bomb incident, but I have a conspiracy of that one as the insider job - seeing some NYPD logo people before in the area and the actual 911 or the common sense that the area with the gang stalking suddenly increases the crime rate, I can assume that there would be some extra funding for the security based on the increase of the incidents. Well, so far, I saw few Japanese and they seemed to be suspicious, I post them here. I wonder if they are related with those suspicious beeping alarm at the stores. I know the Japanese perps want me to go back to Japan and they could make up a mental disease claim more easily. Also, there are many trouble with Soka Gakkai, which is often claimed as the part of active gang stalking.