03 May, 2016

Gang Stalking Analysis - AO Hostel in Vienna on May 3rd, 2016

GSA. I encountered a hostel with a female dorm room with a double bed with 2 bunk beds. The double bed was the only bed made and others had no seats. When I arrived to the hostel, a Muslim was standing outside and some Muslim women sat at the lobby. But they later left with a man after talking with a guy at the counter in Croatian/Bosnian. I had problem with Muslim stalking me in Zagreb and had some room invasions at Taban Bar & Hostel and Youth Hostel. 
I encountered a double bed in a 6 room dorm in Hostel Meininger in Munich but I had a problem with 5 Chinese who complained about my staying as a stranger in the room despite of my stay was longer from past few days in a different room in the same hostel. The clerk at that time did not remember me at all and treated me as a stranger after 1am. This time, I canceled the room and moved to another hotel costing over 50€ pro night. Bad experience with a dorm room but avoided a room for the porno making by the Muslims and even the female hymen patched off to make it as the gift for the Saudi Arabian rich guys by selling that part.

I had problem of WIFI at AO Hostel and went to the local police nearby without this video of Muslims at AO Hostel. And my hotel got no WIFI because of some problem. So, I uploaded this at Starbucks paying 5€ for Cold Brew drink. Cancelling fee of AO Hostel was around 15€. SO, my loss was around 20€ for today. For 14 nights at AO Hostel and Pansion Astra, it could be 30€ per night average but it got higher ever from these harassment. I wish I can get the money refound for the compensation.