01 May, 2016

Organized Stalkers Around Me - May 1st, 2016

I found my credit card number written paper stolen from my side poach. I haven't use it after I booked to Hotel Pension Astra, so it could be stolen from 27th home invasion. Well, I'm gonna add that one to make notice with the missing 50€ bank note from my wallet to the police tomorrow. There are more Bosnian cars around near my hotel. Also, some Polish people are around. Last time it was stolen was at Villa 11 in Bucharest. I wrote down like anagram and that one was stolen. This time, I found it better just to report it to the police as the theft by the gang stalker. Also, I found my "Cause Stalking" book missing from my backpack. I kept it in the "Secret of Mary" book together always and put it with the DVD-ROM bag later when I visited the Anti-Human Trafficking NGOs. I'm going to contact the police tomorrow. I wish I didn't get sick on 27th, or I had one more day to handle some more things before moving to another accommodation in the city.