18 January, 2018

Organized Stalkers Around Me - January 15 and 17th, 2018

There is the German car at AFI mall on 15th. Still, Germans are around after 6 years from my stay in Munich. Also, I heard they are working with Muslim terrorists and Leon Stork and Thomas Schöllhammer's private militia clans. Check out how many people use the name, Leon Stork? The V2K speakers said that the Japanese police made money by bringing criminals from Japan for migration in Europe after replacing the original people. Leon Koriki is one of the funny pig word the Japanese V2K speakers said and thus they brought the fatty version of Leon around for the same guy for the crime prevention  program helper around. And I heard Thomas Shöllhammer made a room by evicting some single women in Obor area in Bucharest. I've heard these mafia groups from Munich are often around in Zagreb also for the mafia money making by giving chemical added foods by them. Anyway, there is the Asian stalker and eye patched person also in the video.

The V2K speakers told me that Shinji Koizumi and Kiyomi Koizumi are in Zagreb area as the Japanese yakuza groups for bringing Muslims from Bosnia for the church corruption.

17 January, 2018

The Best Future Puzzle Game: Space Mate

I learned about the best computer game known in future and more popular than Tetris called "Space Mate." It has 2 to 4 diamond shaped panels dropping and the black holer panel and 5 connected with the bar for getting 3 gold panels. The black diamond shaped panel will make a black sphere in 4 terns on the top and the bar attached in one of the panels dropping as the pack from the right top to be heading top or attached to the panel next to it. And it got a box as the container of 5 colomns high and 20-36 row width. When the panel turns to be the 3 gold panels, the column next to the right disappears for the space to put panels. The black panels gathered to be 4 together and they are deleted together and the left column would be disappeared. What the game is about is to get more gold panels to fill the box out.

It's something like Samegame or the tile clicking game. But I heard that it will be developped by the Canadian woman in future.

I could sell this idea to make a mega hit like Tetris if it is that fun...

12 January, 2018

Organized Stalkers Around Me - January 12th, 2018

Here is the perpetrators and German and Czech cars still outside of my hotel in Bucharest. I've heard Thomas Schöllhammer bought a place in Obor area for his own settlement for the Nazi-Baby making. Also, I've heard Leon Stork from München or Czech got something to do with Czech mafia cars moving around. Enough problem with Muslim and German mafia groups today. Also, a masked person showed up as a snitch jacket program and probably he would be the one to be getting caught instead.

If you check Loen Stork online, you see so many people with the same identical name user. I've heard the guy from München got some cloning done in Munich Tech University after his death. Or someone else using the same dead FBI helper mafia name around in Munich, Mexico, Czech, and so on.

08 January, 2018

UN or the U file in UCB?

UN WARS is one of the information from the future research. I've heard people engaged in it knew the future people already made their clones in the current time. UN is the concept that the land mass was protected by the company UN. Mr. Trump made the US land value bankrupt after the Federal Reserve contents lost its value - someone smashed around the valuables inside of the reserve and lost its value eventually from the damages. A simple story.

Islamization caused the war on women later as the women could be anywhere with money. For the Muslims, these women could be the pray. It was Obama who caused all the trouble of spreading the Muslims who the Americans built up in the Middle East and wanted to be better off and complained. And these Muslims as the police helpers teaching their way for the policing in UK  and other areas for the wild experiences. After they settled down, they infiltrated in the societies in the US and Europe as well for the migration crisis causing and ending the natives to start killing unwanted citizens. It was the Muslims who go wild and dangerous. So, the natives were taught to act in the same manner of taking out others. Muslims could be dead from the starvation or by the road kill. And the local police here and there became immune of killing others, strangers. Then the next is the police exercise of killing the exceeding women. Women were plenty and not their own must be tormented for their own ribido program. And later, pregnant women were often kicked to death as the ugly item in the household. Males just want sex among the available women and the police business partners.

Thus, these the UN or the new U people would be having the Islam based maleness in the society as the cultural background before all the religion died out. So, the males would be better off with Islamization.

The problem? I'm taunted by the future visitors also. These U people have the culture of hating Christians by showing a X sign with their index fingeres crossed. And that is how they mob the Christians and they deleted all Christians in future. And the mosques died after Obama's hallucinating attack on Tokyo delayed. It was from Saudi Arabia TV program stating that they wanted to kill Obama and Tokyo must be the cause of death in Atlanta where many Muslims received mechanical glasshoppers as the lawnmowing deviced attached human crashing machines from the air plane bunkers.

Does UCB have the same material for the child education about U? I've heard University of Brooklyn some information also. Since these U speakers are also taunting me to be counted on Islam, I just share information as the new book - I have the notes over 3 book length in hand writing with images.

Currently, Germans got chocolate shaped UFO like the floating device to keep 6 cars in maximum and there would be the UN to have the cigar shaped UFO for 2 people. And Chinese got a UFO for 2 people also but with the gas for the engine and its shape is the two lantan connected. They have been around in the sky for few years already as the future technology result. London Archive could be also in Australia ot see who they are in future and asking the future people to revisit a certain spot for the radio chatting.

01 January, 2018

Organized Stalkers Around Me - January 1st, 2018

Asian woman alone walking at the spot where a solo walking Asian man was walking. Some people took photos at the spot the solo walking man made a turn to go back to his way last time I saw him. So, some events going on at the same spot.
A UK, Italian, German cars around.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - December 31st, 2017

German cars from the end of the year. Some Muslims - one group at my hotel reception and two stood around me at the New Year cerebration music party at the square. These Muslims were terrorists and they kicked the candles and flowers left at the memorial wall behind of them. There were some German logo cap people and one Spanish and one German cars showed up near Novotel.

German cars everyday from last year and I already saw one at the New Year day!!!

31 December, 2017

Time Thief and Time Murder

I've heard the V2K speakers told me about a new scenario from the future people. What if the future people showed up from the future for the current time observation? And something went very very wrong.

I've heard what went wrong with Leon Stork and others who were from Munich and once hired as some people to be in US Army in Japan and then killed. Once again killed and was built up by the Munich Technical University groups for the cloned groups.

In the same manner, there was someone in Japan to be a beggar and grow up as a thief and swindler to be an old man who always says himself as "parent" to harass the target for defamation and the family obligations such as the parents must know everything or belong to where the target is. And he would be using over 46 voice activators for the communication to mimic the others like "I'm xxxx" and claim something for the commanding. That guy did something wrong to the future society and he once killed the future population by bringing some group and later the current time stationed clones sent the message to the time before their visiting from the future for the warning of what would happen and where. Then they somehow survived there.

I could share more stories. They called it as "Histories" as the background of what they did as the future society interacting the past people as the people in the foreign land.

"Ascension" means the people to get to the future like heading up and going down means to be heading back to past to see something. So, there was actual "ascension" happened.
I could like the book about this for selling after "2038, 3005 and Beyond" Future Research Institute book. But they are currently around and writing could harm the future like how 300 Committee died.