19 January, 2016

Organized Stalkers Around Me - January 19th, 2016

I haven't post OSAM on this blog for awhile. It was because I spent some time for the German car list making from the past year - now around October - and the NGOs visiting. I visited some NGOs in the past. At least, I had some chance to talk with the people.

When I went out, there was this German car parked outside. Now this is the evidence of the Germans stalking me, isn't it?

There was this diplomat car parked behind of the German car. Any connection?

At night, the German car was gone but an UNHCR logo car showed up.

I saw this Asian man with a scar on his right cheek when I went out from the building with an anti-human trafficking NGO. Is he a yakuza or something? I've heard from the V2K people that they have someone called Mr. Wakabayashi who is from Japan and a detective of some sort but has a large scar on his right face as the punishment from China visiting. Well, it reminded me of the fat black female security woman at the International Criminal Court where I tried to submit the 2 years of German stalking problem.

And I saw some Muslims in pairs on the same street.

I saw 4 Japanese speaking men on the street. You can see them in my video.

Another Munich car I saw near a woman fell and a Muslim woman walked by.