04 June, 2019

Hummus Bar bad experences

I have bad experiences in Hummus Bars in Budapest. One occassion, the female clerk cheated the change at Hummus Bar north of Corvin Ter metro station near Starbucks. It was the day I took a bus out from Hungary.

And today, I visited Hummus Bar on Sip utca 16, Budapest. It was around 21:52. The tall clerk with a bandana asked me to sit down to wait for my falafel sandwitch take away. Somehow, a man sat on the table across the counter and he had the small shot glass size drinks out from the shelf behind or perpenecular to the counter. There are two types of drinks on the shelf. And the tall clerk was engaged on the falafel sandwitch making but he took some time as if falafel was not fried yet and he drunk some water and even went back to the room behind of the kitchen and brought an USB cable and another cup of water for drinking.

Meanwhile, there were some more clerks appeared to the kitchen and the V2K speakers told me what was going on. About 6 employees were engaged in the crime search while they were to be adding the anus contents for the insulting pig cutomer feeding. And the spot above the kitchen for the additional seating as the imaginally place for the crime encoutering and the kitchen searching as the solution.

Meanwhile, I heard the employees there were engaged in the information on ALE, Audereley,  Lah, Edwardo from REIN in Macedonia UN ranger group runaways. They might get around 50$ rewards on such people who were to be the rangers related to Sarajevo and Eboshi groups and even England paranoia causing pregnancy adding organization toward Jews. Anyway, some poeple are not functioning and targeting the Israel logos even at Hummus Bar and still working on such Jew assulting groups for the rewards.