22 November, 2008

Harassment from Microsoft - who is behind this?

About one week ago. I received funny SPAMS seemed to be sent from Microsoft. It seems the spam is from http://diy.endatch.cn/. I will add the picture in separate post. The below is the qorte from the message. It was very strange since the Title was like "We have all data on you," "Cindy McCain cheats her husband" or "Michelle Obama cheats with McCane." These SPAM had advertisement about Microsoft. I do not know if that was to make down the image of Microsoft.

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On November 10th to several days, I got such funny SPAMs with controversial titles. The sender name was my e-mail address, by the way.

Yesterday, I tried to start up my VAIO for study, Vista asked me to activate the OS. It took me awhile to figure out what was going on. Then, I found out I need to contact Microsoft for activation through phone in order to get the pass cord. It was at night and I could not do it.

This morning, I called Microsoft in Switzerland (00800 22 84 82 83) as Vista asked me to do. Thank God, Microsoft is not charging for activation problem!! When I checked their websites, UK, Switzerland, US, etc, I found them charging around 50$ for questions and $500 for non-business day questions. It is about half the price of the OS. I think that is a bad choice for customer support. I felt I would just download Ubuntu and install it to my VAIO if the latest version of my "reading notes" of my e-textbooks are not stored in it. I downlaoded Ubuntu using HP Pavilion yesterday night as I had nothing else to do for the Vista problem.
So, I called the customer information and picked German language besides Italian and French, then I was finally able to talk with an operator after several "push 1 if..., push 2 if..." type questions. I gave her 6 digit numbers for the exchange of the password. The operator was helpful, as communication was somehow done and I was able to start up my Vista to see the Our Lady of Guadalupe background picture.

However, there is a funny notation on the right bottom of the screen. It says:
Windoews Vista (TM)
Build 6000
Die Echtheit dieser Windows-Kopie noch nicht bestätigt.

What is the heck of this??? My Vista is pre-installed model and it was in my PC since I purchased it in Interdiscount in Zürich in August 2007. I do not want to pay 50§ for asking question for this funny problem left.
I think Microsoft is too obsessed with piracy issue. I just wanna know why my official VISTA not sold separately from VAIO still got such notice on the screen. I could just call the number back to ask the another problem came with the activation issue, but tomorrow is Sunday.

If Microsoft is obsessed for piracy, then I wanna know if someone stole my hard copy of Windows Vista while I was away from home and made a copy and returned it to the shelf or not. For gang stalking victims (or so called the victims of COINTELPRO), such incident is possible. In FBI Secrets: An Agent's Expose, Swearingen says how the FBI officers took the evidences like porno collections and minor properties from the target's home. I do not know if perps tried to put me in a situation giving away my copy of Vista to another person by copying my software while I was away from home. Or if this is a plot to make my VAIO screen with funny "illegal copy possibility" sign for making a claim for using illegal software or not.

Ubuntu sounds a better choice than Microsoft OS, although perps may be able to hack the open source OS. How many people want to pay for the OS problem?? MS products and commercial products could be a good choice if their customer support is as long as free for the customers who bought their products. Check out AntiVirus software, they guarantee free update for annual fee. If Microsoft wants to charge customers for support, they should do the same rather than obsessed with piracy problems. I am MS user since MS-DOS and learned how to play with C++ with MS Visual Studio. And I was fascinated to see Michael Wolf the editor of PC Gamer was recruited by Microsoft to help the computer game development. I just add some opinions for better change of Microsoft as I am not really criticizing bad functioning of Microsoft product. But Microsoft should do something about the SPAM issue. I think no one wants to see "Who framed Barak" and other politically controversial SPAMs advertising Microsoft.

I might just keep this Widows Vista Business edition, as I am too lazy to format HDD and install Ubuntu. I think this is a typical attitude for computer customers buying notebooks and desktops sold by major companies like HP, Sony, Dell. If this is a case of a desktop I assembled, I probably format the HDD and install the new OS.