20 November, 2008

UFO abduction victims should sue RFID makers for the secret testings on their bodies!!!

First of all, compare these photos.

Can you imagine which one is the implants taken from the UFO abduction victims and which one is RFID chips?
The RFID implant picture is from the article "RFID Implants May Have Health Risks."

How often a new technology similar to something we did not know but secretly tested on humans? If the implants taken out from the UFO abduction victims are created by the RFID manufacturers for their past kidnapping of innocent citizens. If the RFID manufacturers are kidnapping people for their researches, then we can assume that they are continuing abduction of citizens. They might pay the local mobs for kidnapping people, you know. Give the mobs drugs and thieves to enter homes for implanting stuffs on people. If the victims are drugged, they might not remember what happened to their body nor who they saw in wicked dreams.

These pictures are from this website. Dr. Sims mentions the implants and the body parts they were found. The X-Ray photo shows other implants on the victims' bodies.

Imagine RFID companies implanting other chips among civilians without informed consents, I think anyone concerned about the RFID manufacturers' activities can take X-ray to see if they are victim of them or not.

What if someone figure out something is implanted on one's body just like the UFO abduction victims?

I think we better accuse RFID manufacturers for body implants for covert operations. They made fortune from the technology thought to be brought from UFOs while their test subjects were left as "crazy people." They probably engaged in the current electronic harassment among Targeted Individuals.

No more kidnapping nor secret testing by the RFID companies.