04 October, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - October 3rd, 2015 part 2

The second part. I can add few more from the past days in Eurolines bus tomorrow. I guess I can check some NGOs in EU area while I'm in Schengen countries. I can ask some help from strange gang stalking and these who are paying for the people to act like blind with the white stick and showing up everyday. It's an easy job for few coins, you know. Someone asks you to carry a white stick and act like a blind for awhile on somebody in the area. If it happens everyday, people gone crazy from the mental confusion of why I see a blind person everyday??? It started from Prague to Berlin now. On the 2nd day of CHC 2015, I saw one blind person at the metro station on my way to Forum Factory where CHC is held. Yesterday, I saw one blind person after the free tour. I saw a Japanese couple also in the area just standing near me.

What I've learned from CHC 2015 is quite strange. Not many Asians but 2 more Japanese women, and a French man who was a TI guest speaker and a camera crew stood near me. I found the woman in veil was from UK and she suggested that mental health aid is not bad as she could get money to come to the meeting in Berlin. Tom Hall told us Richmond, CA case is for sending people to the mental institution without any gang stalking complaiants and he even said to get out from California for safety.

The video shows some activists near the festival location. A couple with anti-Spying an a man with... just check them out. I mocked both for the insider pretending to be there. Also a blind person. A woman with a "Weapon of Mass Destruction" logo black bag from the free tour.

Today, I went to the church nearby and when I came back, there was a man eating instant noodle in a bowl. That is what I wanted to do yesterday morning but there was no bowl in the kitchen and I threw all the noodle packs away. I don't want to keep things with me and getting trouble making. Urinated pans and cooking tools to be used? I think such things can be done by the gang stalkers. So, it was pretty safe for me to stay away from cooking with something to be used for the prank.