10 October, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - October 8th, 2015

Here is the video from October 8th, 2015. It was the day I visited some famous churches. On 7th, I found a card indicating the drop-in or by reservation chatting service at another church. I went there and I talked with an old woman. She listened to me and I just felt better. It just happened like I found the card after I prayed rosary to the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe in the big church to the north. There was a plaque telling that the church had a person from Mexico and he worked there. Well, chatting is quite fine for me without prejudices. I talked with few people at an anti-human trafficking NGO in Vienna. I was able to talk to them and they told me what they can offer would be a cheap accommodation list as I am a tourist in the city. The lady at the downstairs seemed to be using hand gestures indicating money very frequently in the talk, but I don't really know how that really meant.

Oh, in the video, you can find the suspicious 3 Japanese women suddenly showed up and lined up for the confession in St. Stephan basilica. It's very rare to find Japanese gathered in a basilica for the confession together. That happened when I thought of lined up there after praying rosary. But I just took this video and left as they might be bribing the church workers for the gang stalking.

Well, there was a German car in the parking lot next to my hotel for few days. I saw Zagreb car also on 8th. I had to wake up early in morning to go to pee. It could be done with the electronic harassment devices as I did not drink too much. It happened several times in morning. I found the quick pee charge would be only takes 30 minutes or so. Can you tell me which device perps used for such harassment? It happened in Room 36 in Berlin also. Now, I have Whiz Freedom and I have no problem with pissing issues. I can write about the techniques how to do it without messing around. It helped me to learn how much pee I usually take out and how much the electronic harassment suddenly made me to do.