18 March, 2016

Organized Stalkers Around Me - March 14-16, 2016

Here is the video from few days back. I have Indian? and a black Algerian or Nigerian type couple staying in the same floor. I don't know why these black guys in the area for few nights and they seem to be not for tourism. Are they here for the surveillance work? I think so. The bathroom key was stolen and restored on the next day with a string attached for not moving it from the location.

I had some stomach problem in early morning and then some people woke up at the same time for heading to the bathroom. I solved the problem carrying some toilet papers and wipe it in my room for the emergency way of taking it out. Then this stomach problem reduced. I think that was some artificial electronic harassment as it happened after feeling some low vibrating feeling on my lower abdomen and sudden stomach skin getting cold for awhile and the pain started like that way. Pibella works fine for the pee problem and no more of the sudden pee needed. The EH effects can make the victim to go to pee every 30 min or so for 200ml pee or even more and more than 2L urination could happen through the night. I've learned this from EH problem. Enough understanding with the fact on a TI?

Here is the video.