29 March, 2016

Organized Stalkers Around Me - March 28th, 2016

Here is the video from yesterday. So many German cars and a Colorado car around. Also, a Muslim group showed up at the tram stop and they moved to the other side and took tram 6 which I was waiting and I skipped to take another one. I saw another Muslim group in front of the hostel I moved. Why these Muslims showed up like this way? I'm posting the damages from Taban Bar & Hostel later. But I saw some gang stalking in the city today also.

The damages at Taban Bar & Hostel
- My Kaufland red bag cut (I used it to bring my clothes to the laundry and I put it on the desk till March 27, sat)
- Boots shaved - small shave was done at Hostel Belgrade's Eye and I kept them with me all the time after that at Hostel Habitat and Hostel King in Belgrade before the trip to Taban Bar & Hostel. Then I found the damage. It could be done by the employees checking the laundry room on the 4th floor when I went to the bathroom on the same floor after the sudden stomachache.
- Missing the yellow padlock from my Jack Wolfskin backpack - this happened on March 28 when I wake up and tried to lock the backpack. I looked for it today and searched everywhere and could not found at all. On 28th, I used the extra padlock to lock it up. My room in Taban was locked always and some tapes on the door frames to make it easy to see if any intruder sign and also I put the bug killer spray on the door handle to make it noise when someone opens the door. The stolen identical yellow padlock would be used by the gang stalkers to claim my backpack as theirs as they owns one of the same color padlock too identical or tries to claim my backpack as theirs. Also, a Muslim gang stalker may use the padlock on a black backpack to claim she has my bag and such.
- My missing ID photo packet was returned to the prayer book in my poach as if of the gang stalking skit moving things and returning them to make the someone confused like the gaslight effect. I took out all the prayer cars and such from my prayer book to search it, so it was impossible to happen in a natural way.
- If there was the room invasion, there would be porno for the gang stalking complete search fun made.
- I found the papers like the letter I wrote before or the Hostel Meininger booking (March 2012) note in my room. The other side got "Caramitos Virturaus Occassio Est" Latin from Seneca on it as I made the new ring with that Latin proverb scribed inside at the key maker in Metro station spot in München around November 2012. The original I made was in 2005 or 2006 when I was in San Jose, CA and it was a special order I made from a Canadian store for the mail order and it was done in Titanium ring. I just had it for long time like that way. That ring went missing when I was still in München and was in the Thomas Schöllhammer's room lent flat and it was in my rosary poach with 1000 CHF note and the rosary. The ring was in my bathroom poach and I could not find it there. It was there for long time after I bought the poach in Zürich and kept it there.
- So far, my diplomas, books, prayer books, seem to be not stolen from my room in Taban Hostel.
- I found the cheese packet I bought in the supermarket in Arena mall got part opened. I found it open when I woke up and tried to eat it a bit. If someone invaded my room, my foods and drinks could be poisoned by some chemicals or urine or excrement. I don't know what happened, but that was how I found the cheese opened in one occasion.
- Some guests are from France and some are blacks. I saw a Pakistan guest there. There was the Pakistan bombing on March 22 in Pakistan. I saw a Tunisian man at a cafe in Budva old town around the time Tunisia massacre happened.
- There were many Dutch books on the shelf at the reception. Are they used for some suspicion making with some kinds of canabis trace or something.
- The day I left the hostel, I encountered the Muslim groups at the main square tram stop and in front of my hostel in Zagreb. At least, nothing was damaged nor stolen in my last visit to this hostel. I guess Taban Bar & Hostel was the worst in Zagreb. Taban Bar & Hostel got shisha pipes like Turkish intelligence influence. I could be how the Muslim gang stalkers invading the guest rooms and porno making and even Muslims following the guests for the "SCRAM" "CRAM" "GRAND SLAM" suspicious Muslim claim making for the community watch done by the real bad Muslim gang stalkers who damage Christian items and Christians. It happend during the Lent to the Easter time, 2016.
- I might bring this gang stalking damage case to the local police with the David Lawson's book and CHC paket book.