25 March, 2017

Organized Stalkers Around Me - March 24th, 2017

The Muslim terrorist at Deli Dent yesterday at the time of my appointment at 8am. I tried to get a safe dentist in Budapest nd failed for few times. I was threatened by the Turkish/Japanese maifas who are involving with Germans stalking me 5 years almost everyday. When I don't go out, I got one outside of my hostel. How many Muslims would be working at dentists from early morning before 8am?? That happened to me and I'm contacting the local police for the possible assassination case. They could be killing Jews and Christians for the Turkish gangs's Project Istanbul to depopulate Budapest for their Muslim migration as EU populations.

I have problem at my hostel for WIFI and now there is an athlete type man cooking often with bacon in the kitchen and wearing Los Gatos Wildcats sweat pants. I know Los Gatos logo from the Silicon Valley but he might be the Muslim related guy as he talks with others while he has erection just like the Japanese translator at the Tivat police station.