06 March, 2017

Some mass murderers form Japan unleashed at Sarajevo?

The V2K speakers told me recently that they had this defamation with the ex-killers who are the bad enough to be in their gangs for their protection against the Muslim thugs. I've heard one of these killers would be the one who killed a secondary school student in Amagasaki or somewhere in Hyogo prefecture and was known as "Shool Killer" and he was a serial kids killer for awhile in the area. He was caught later and was a middle school student around that time. The V2K speakers told me that he was invited by Osaka and Okayama cops for the money making with some killer past people around and the ex-killers' jobs would be to claim one of the Japanese or Asians in the area had the past criminal records to make others warned. And a wrong person to be taken out as the killer by the real killer share the story to others and the group would get the group knowledge of the mass killing before as if to compete with the Sarajevo mass murder experience sharing people. They have this war stories yet the Okayama or Osaka or Kyodo cops did not have one. Only the war stories they could proud of would be the SDF workers and the news journalists visiting the Middle East.

I've heard the killer was rejected to be in Sarajevo team as he honestly said like he killed one in Tohoku region in Japan or something. The Japanese cops in Sarajevo brought more killers and criminals for preparing the war expansions on their own. The V2K speakers said that they installed the new smaller scuba oxygen tanks around Budva to Igalo and they would use it on the Japanese students if any wanted to dive near "Kosovo" where the Japanese Self Defence Force wants to keep an eye on. Kosovo is far from Montenegro beaches but that caution makes the military teams get funding for surveillance and the covert operation. And the trick of the oxygen tanks are like they are in the two sets for the use and one to be used is a defect one that got fire heated for awhile o make it explode when the cap got loose.  And if these kids were just exploded in the deep ocean area alone, or in the group of their own, no one cares.  Or others would think that was done by the terrorist wannabe divers.  Also, there were secret Japanee military bases built around in the mountain ranges of Montenegro mountains. A small concrete hole for the monitoring room is built into the concrete wall around the slope to the Spanish fortress in Herceg Novi area, the V2K speakers told me. they now have the route not far from the Bosnian border north of Risan. The location was used for the Chinese to park their trucks for the camping before and now the underground is occupied by the Japanese military friends from Bosnia. Bosnian Army got only Neum for the sea line. So, that was how they cooperated with Soka Gakkai Muslim clubs in Sarajevo area.  The route goes around the hill range to the north and the exit on Montenegro side is not far from Zelenika area. the V2K speakers told me the location not to be Risan as it would be suspicious. So, they made the extra few kilo meters of the tunnel with the machine "caveman 1" that could make a hole for 1km a night. But the volcanic soil made the digging easy and they could go 2 to 4km a night instead in some locations. So, thee people could be around for more kidnapping of the women and people for the Bosnian Army.

What about Shinichiro Azuma? The kids killer? The V2K speakers told me that he had a chance to make a trip to Budapest and were around on the Obuda side where Japanese mafia locates. He was with the Yakuza friends at the train station at Obuda or somewhere. He could be using "Shinichro Tosho" as his new name. Tosho means something like Eastern Business or something in Chinese character. That's a strange name, so it could be easily found at the border customs.