23 November, 2008

Casa Torfeld I and II Residents List

When I was organizing my evidences, I found another funny things on the cleaning schedule at Casa Torfeld I. The people in the manager's office assigned cleaning duty from people living in non existing rooms. If you check the weekly schedules, I think you get the idea what was happening. After the week someone vandalized my room (Feb 27th, the day I visited several lawyers' office to talk about the residents' mobbing), HABIDAMI Däbi lived in room 99. There is no room like that exist in Casa Torfeld I.
The residents were switching rooms frequently, and usually same residents were on duty for several weeks. PORRAS CALVIS Luis Calros lived in the room 27 was cleaning the surrounding area for more then one month. And their is a notice on the plan, "Who does not clean, pays sFr. 5.--Punishment!! Wer nicht putzt, bezahlt sFr.5.--!!"

After someone vandalized my room, all residents were working even harder for the mobbing and I was called "one bottle" from the new residents on the hall way. Anyway, this is the list of people who are engaged in organized stalking in my case. Perps claim TIs having mental problem having delusion of people stalking them. In my case, it seems the social workers and the residents were acting strange. Did I lived in a secret American concentration camp in Switzerland? That is something I wanna know.

Name Room Number Cleaning Schedule

DJORDJEVIV Sasa 15 9/14-9/20 2007
DJORDJEVIV Suncica 22 9/14-9/20 2007
MAHARI Muzit 7 9/14-9/20 2007
MATUMONA Joao Pedro 12 9/14-9/20 2007
PENDELOVIC Nasalungi 31 9/14-9/20 2007 (No such room)
KOULIBALY Abdoulaye 20 9/14-9/20 2007
JUNDI Farhad 8 9/14-9/20 2007
RASPUTIN Flegei 0 9/14-9/20 2007 (No such room)
RITTERSPASS Elvir 29 9/14-9/20 2007 (No such room)

QORBANI Faroza 17 10/11-10/18 2007
MONTIEL Flares Vizenie 7 10/11-10/18 2007
OLYIBAATAR Ganbat 11 10/11-10/18 2007
BAATAR Tuul 11 10/11-10/18 2007
PENDELOVIC Nasalungi 31 10/11-10/18 2007 (No such room)
ABUKAR DALOW Abshir 15 10/11-10/18 2007
CHAMBATSANG-YUDONTSANG Kelsang 12 10/11-10/18 2007
PLAROVIC Kastic 85 10/11-10/18 2007 (No such room)
KHOSCNNEMER Hiwa 25 10/11-10/18 2007
DIAZ Gutierrez Maricela 7 10/11-10/18 2007

SAMBA Kavoka Fifl Fideline 3 10/25-11/01 2007
BAATAR Tuul 11 10/25-11/01 2007
SHAH MOHAMMAO Kh Beheshteh 3 10/25-11/01 2007
ALI ZADEH Ali Reza 26 10/25-11/01 2007
HUSSEIN Ruholla 20 10/25-11/01 2007
MARA Alpha 27 10/25-11/01 2007
MATUMONA Joao Pedro 12 10/25-11/01 2007
PLAROVIC Kastic 85 10/25-11/01 2007 (no such room)
OLZIBAATAR Ganbat 11 10/25-11/01 2007
GIDEY Tigist 13 10/25-11/01 2007

ISENI Zarife 23 3/1-3/7 2008
MAKAMED AADAN Aamed 14 3/1-3/7 2008
KIANGA Naylor 24 3/1-3/7 2008
BENABDERRAHMANE Diamet 12 3/1-3/7 2008
NDEDI Jenna 18 3/1-3/7 2008
CHOSCHNAU Tamah 26 3/1-3/7 2008
HABIDABI Däbi 99 3/1-3/7 2008 (no such room)
BERISHA Rexhep 23 3/1-3/7 2008
ABUKAR AXMEO Maryan 14 3/1-3/7 2008

ISENI Zarife 23 3/8-3/14 2008
Margievi Soso 15 3/8-3/14 2008
KIANGA Naylor 24 3/8-3/14 2008
BENABDERRAHMANE Diamet 12 3/8-3/14 2008
NDEDI Jenna 18 3/8-3/14 2008
CHOSCHNAU Tamah 26 3/8-3/14 2008
PUENTES NARVAEZ Juan Carlos 4 3/8-3/14 2008
HABIDABI Däbi 99 3/8-3/14 2008 (no such room)
BERISHA Rexhep 23 3/8-3/14 2008
Berihun Hana 13 3/8-3/14 2008

HASSAN Souad 19 4/9-4/15 2008
MAEJUM Akram/BALU Meriam 4 4/9-4/15 2008
ERAZO MONCAYO Damaris 23 4/9-4/15 2008
HASSAN Idriz 25 4/9-4/15 2008
OTERO RIVERA Fanny Rubiela 28 4/9-4/15 2008
MANALAN Pirashanthi 16 4/9-4/15 2008
BAATAR Tuul 11 4/9-4/15 2008
DIDANE Samia 21 4/9-4/15 2008
BOKRETSION Efrem 15 4/9-4/15 2008
ARCOS ORDONEZ Alis Mary 22 4/9-4/15 2008
PORRAS CALVIS Luis Carlos 27 4/9-4/15 2008 (He is in the list for over a month)

Fam. MORENO PINEDA Jose Miller 22 4/16-4/22 2008
DIDANE Said und Sania 21 4/16-4/22 2008
ESTEBAN ROCAMORA Nieves 12 4/16-4/22 2008
WOLDAY Asmeron 24 4/16-4/22 2008
CALVIS SOLANO Williams Robert 28 4/16-4/22 2008
BOKRETSION Efrem 15 4/16-4/22 2008
BEYED Lula 24 4/16-4/22 2008
HASSAN Idriz 25 4/16-4/22 2008
MAEJUM Akram 4 4/16-4/22 2008
PINPATTY DEVAGE Gnanawathi 13 4/16-4/22 2008
PORRAS CALVIS Luis Carlos 27 4/16-4/22 2008 (He was still on duty)

ABRAHAM Samuel/HAILEMARIAM Freweini 17 4/30-5/6 2008
KAHSSAYE Abel 4 4/30-5/6 2008
ARCOS ORDONEZ Alis Mary 20 4/30-5/6 2008
CALVIS SOLANO Williams Robert 28 4/30-5/6 2008
BAHTA Saul 24 4/30-5/6 2008
TESFAMARIAM Arsiema 16 4/30-5/6 2008
AKMAN Hamdiye 11 4/30-5/6 2008
GEGREHIWET Samuel 10 4/30-5/6 2008
MORENO PINEDA Jos・Miller 15 4/30-5/6 2008
HASSAN Souad 19 4/30-5/6 2008
PORRAS CALVIS Luis Carlos 27 4/30-5/6 2008 (He was yet on duty!)

HASSAN Souad 19 5/08-5/14 2008
HASSAN Idriz 25 5/08-5/14 2008
OTERO RIVERA Fanny Rubiela 28 5/08-5/14 2008
ABRAHAM Samuel 17 5/08-5/14 2008
MORENO PINEDA Jos・Miller 15 5/08-5/14 2008
BAHTA Saul und Senidos 24 5/08-5/14 2008
AMBESAJER Freweini 10 5/08-5/14 2008
AKMAN Selda 11 5/08-5/14 2008
WOLDAY Asmeron 5 5/08-5/14 2008
BEYED Lula 5 5/08-5/14 2008
PORRAS CALVIS Luis Carlos 27 5/08-5/14 2008 (He became the regular by now)

AKMAN Hamdiye 11 5/15-5/21 2008
AKMAN Selda 12 5/15-5/21 2008
TESFAMARIAM Arsiema 24 5/15-5/21 2008
BAHTA Saul 16 5/15-5/21 2008
BERHE Meles 21 5/15-5/21 2008
BOKRETSION Efrem 15 5/15-5/21 2008
KAHSSAYE Abel 4 5/15-5/21 2008
GEBREHIWET Samuel 10 5/15-5/21 2008
CALVIS SOLANO Williams Robert 28 5/15-5/21 2008
GEBREKRUSTOS Senait 27 5/15-5/21 2008
PORRAS CALVIS Luis Carlos 27 5/15-5/21 2008 (I wonder if he was cleaning Umgebung even after I moved out)

(Around April to May?)
Rajenoram Chitrannneni 3 AG 531885
Rajaratnam K. 3 AG 521894
Pejung Dolkar 5 AG 521864
Jesnayagam Shanty 6 AG 521953
Robaei Eshghabad Ork 6 AG 521870
Armed Hindi 7 AG 521904
Asmelash Mihnet 7 AG 521916
Kahrobaei E. Orkkleh 8 AG 521943
Li Yuxia/Xian Jiaqi 8 AG 521952
Fam. Olzhbaatar 3 Personen 11 AG 800847
Benabderrahmane 3 Personen 12 AG 521929
Berihun Hana 13
Familie Moreno P. 20
Familie Moreno P. 22

Casa Torfeld II
HAKIM 3 3/12-3/18 2008
KRASNIQ/SHABANI 5 3/12-3/18 2008
JAKUPI 20 3/12-3/18 2008
BOTSAN 7 3/12-3/18 2008
KIDANE 12 3/12-3/18 2008
MAHAMED Said 8 3/12-3/18 2008
ALI Mahamed 9 3/12-3/18 2008
SOW 14 3/12-3/18 2008
AZU 18 3/12-3/18 2008
MEYITANG M. 16 3/12-3/18 2008
VIVEKANANTHAN 22 3/12-3/18 2008
TEKLE 12 3/12-3/18 2008
AHMADI 3 3/12-3/18 2008
VESHI 20 3/12-3/18 2008
KAPANADZE Irakli 11 3/12-3/18 2008
KAPANADZE Mikheili 11 3/12-3/18 2008
LETA Tafesse 9 3/12-3/18 2008
FISSEHA 9 3/12-3/18 2008
ANWAR ABDALLE 8 3/12-3/18 2008
CHAMBATSANG 23 3/12-3/18 2008
JANGTSANG 23 3/12-3/18 2008
(Mara Alpha and Abkur Dalow Abshir probably lived in room 6)

22 November, 2008

Harassment from Microsoft - who is behind this?

About one week ago. I received funny SPAMS seemed to be sent from Microsoft. It seems the spam is from http://diy.endatch.cn/. I will add the picture in separate post. The below is the qorte from the message. It was very strange since the Title was like "We have all data on you," "Cindy McCain cheats her husband" or "Michelle Obama cheats with McCane." These SPAM had advertisement about Microsoft. I do not know if that was to make down the image of Microsoft.

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Microsoft Corporation, One Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA 98052

On November 10th to several days, I got such funny SPAMs with controversial titles. The sender name was my e-mail address, by the way.

Yesterday, I tried to start up my VAIO for study, Vista asked me to activate the OS. It took me awhile to figure out what was going on. Then, I found out I need to contact Microsoft for activation through phone in order to get the pass cord. It was at night and I could not do it.

This morning, I called Microsoft in Switzerland (00800 22 84 82 83) as Vista asked me to do. Thank God, Microsoft is not charging for activation problem!! When I checked their websites, UK, Switzerland, US, etc, I found them charging around 50$ for questions and $500 for non-business day questions. It is about half the price of the OS. I think that is a bad choice for customer support. I felt I would just download Ubuntu and install it to my VAIO if the latest version of my "reading notes" of my e-textbooks are not stored in it. I downlaoded Ubuntu using HP Pavilion yesterday night as I had nothing else to do for the Vista problem.
So, I called the customer information and picked German language besides Italian and French, then I was finally able to talk with an operator after several "push 1 if..., push 2 if..." type questions. I gave her 6 digit numbers for the exchange of the password. The operator was helpful, as communication was somehow done and I was able to start up my Vista to see the Our Lady of Guadalupe background picture.

However, there is a funny notation on the right bottom of the screen. It says:
Windoews Vista (TM)
Build 6000
Die Echtheit dieser Windows-Kopie noch nicht bestätigt.

What is the heck of this??? My Vista is pre-installed model and it was in my PC since I purchased it in Interdiscount in Zürich in August 2007. I do not want to pay 50§ for asking question for this funny problem left.
I think Microsoft is too obsessed with piracy issue. I just wanna know why my official VISTA not sold separately from VAIO still got such notice on the screen. I could just call the number back to ask the another problem came with the activation issue, but tomorrow is Sunday.

If Microsoft is obsessed for piracy, then I wanna know if someone stole my hard copy of Windows Vista while I was away from home and made a copy and returned it to the shelf or not. For gang stalking victims (or so called the victims of COINTELPRO), such incident is possible. In FBI Secrets: An Agent's Expose, Swearingen says how the FBI officers took the evidences like porno collections and minor properties from the target's home. I do not know if perps tried to put me in a situation giving away my copy of Vista to another person by copying my software while I was away from home. Or if this is a plot to make my VAIO screen with funny "illegal copy possibility" sign for making a claim for using illegal software or not.

Ubuntu sounds a better choice than Microsoft OS, although perps may be able to hack the open source OS. How many people want to pay for the OS problem?? MS products and commercial products could be a good choice if their customer support is as long as free for the customers who bought their products. Check out AntiVirus software, they guarantee free update for annual fee. If Microsoft wants to charge customers for support, they should do the same rather than obsessed with piracy problems. I am MS user since MS-DOS and learned how to play with C++ with MS Visual Studio. And I was fascinated to see Michael Wolf the editor of PC Gamer was recruited by Microsoft to help the computer game development. I just add some opinions for better change of Microsoft as I am not really criticizing bad functioning of Microsoft product. But Microsoft should do something about the SPAM issue. I think no one wants to see "Who framed Barak" and other politically controversial SPAMs advertising Microsoft.

I might just keep this Widows Vista Business edition, as I am too lazy to format HDD and install Ubuntu. I think this is a typical attitude for computer customers buying notebooks and desktops sold by major companies like HP, Sony, Dell. If this is a case of a desktop I assembled, I probably format the HDD and install the new OS.

21 November, 2008

Cleaning Plans at Casa Torfeld I in 2007

If you live among crazy people, you might feel you became crazy. I think that was the trick the organized stalkers in Casa Torfeld I used. Seriously, I had no idea how much wickedness was going on at the refugee residence. If you try to talk with crazy people or what they do every day, your sense might get dull for everything they do out of logic. When I was organizing my evidences, I found this funny cleaning plans. The manager, Thomas Kuntz, created cleaning plan for weekly schedule. Somehow he had been assigning people living in non-existing rooms.

You can see Mara Alpha lived in the room 27 and Abkur Dalow Abshir lived in the room 15, both rooms exist in the refugee residence. Then how about the people like RASPUTIN Flegei in room 0, PENDELOVIC Nasalungi in room 31, RITTERSPASS Elvir in room 29, or PLAROVIC Kastic in room 85??? Washing plan in had room number 4 to 28, and room 3 was somehow omitted. Moreover, the ground floor rooms start from room 3 and end at 13.

People are assigned to non-existing room. And this is a typical characteristic of organized stalking.

Thomas Kuntz had been contacting with the local police officers such as Stefan Frei in Gemenidepolizei in Buchs AG.

Cleaning Plan (Sep 14 to Sep 20 2007)

DJORDJEVIV Suncica - 22
MAHARI Muzit - 7
MATUMONA Joao Pedro - 12
PENDELOVIC Nasalungi - 31 (no such room)
KOULIBALY Abdoulaye - 20
JUNDI Farhad - 8
GOTO Miyoko - 9
RASPUTIN Flegei - 0 (No such room)
Cleaning Plan (Oct 11 to Oct 18 2007)

QORBANI Faroza - 17
MONTIEL Flares Vizenie - 7
OLYIBAATAR Ganbat - 11
BAATAR Tuul - 11
PENDELOVIC Nasalungi - 31
ABUKAR DALOW Abshir - 15
PLAROVIC Kastic - 85
DIAZ Gutierrez Maricela - 7

Cleaning Plan (Oct 25 to Nov 1 2007)
SAMBA Kavoka Fifl Fideline - 3
BAATAR Tuul - 11
SHAH MOHAMMAO Kh Beheshteh - 3
ALI ZADEH Ali Reza - 26
HUSSEIN Ruholla - 20
MARA Alpha - 27
MATUMONA Joao Pedro - 12
PLAROVIC Kastic - 85 (no such room!)
OLZIBAATAR Ganbat - 11
GIDEY Tigist - 13

20 November, 2008

UFO abduction victims should sue RFID makers for the secret testings on their bodies!!!

First of all, compare these photos.

Can you imagine which one is the implants taken from the UFO abduction victims and which one is RFID chips?
The RFID implant picture is from the article "RFID Implants May Have Health Risks."

How often a new technology similar to something we did not know but secretly tested on humans? If the implants taken out from the UFO abduction victims are created by the RFID manufacturers for their past kidnapping of innocent citizens. If the RFID manufacturers are kidnapping people for their researches, then we can assume that they are continuing abduction of citizens. They might pay the local mobs for kidnapping people, you know. Give the mobs drugs and thieves to enter homes for implanting stuffs on people. If the victims are drugged, they might not remember what happened to their body nor who they saw in wicked dreams.

These pictures are from this website. Dr. Sims mentions the implants and the body parts they were found. The X-Ray photo shows other implants on the victims' bodies.

Imagine RFID companies implanting other chips among civilians without informed consents, I think anyone concerned about the RFID manufacturers' activities can take X-ray to see if they are victim of them or not.

What if someone figure out something is implanted on one's body just like the UFO abduction victims?

I think we better accuse RFID manufacturers for body implants for covert operations. They made fortune from the technology thought to be brought from UFOs while their test subjects were left as "crazy people." They probably engaged in the current electronic harassment among Targeted Individuals.

No more kidnapping nor secret testing by the RFID companies.

11 November, 2008

Psychophysics - the study for electronic harassment?

For the sensitization to the electronic harassment, I think Psychophysics is used. According to Wikipedia, "Psychophysics is a subdiscipline of psychology dealing with the relationship between physical stimuli and their subjective correlates, or percepts."

If there is a study for artificially creating stimuli to give impact on human psyche, then the psychologists and psychiatrists must know if their patients or common folks are targeted by the study. Little Albert was a poor boy giving artificial fears for the study of psychology. He was only a baby and he had no informed consent to be a test subject. How about other people who are subjected secretly by the researchers?

I got one week break from my school, but it seems I have no time for break but to check new subdiscipline of social science field to study. I only took Physics 2A and 4A, and I really need to catch up with above basic Newtonian physics for understanding the subject.

My hope is to understand how organized stalkers' "sensitization" is calculated stimuli in psychophysics. This study seems to be started in the late 19th century. Could be a lot of researches have done.

By the way, it seems Voice Hearing (V2K) is related with ELF. The characteristic of ELF is the feeling of the movement of air and it gets bigger around fan, boiler rooms, near construction sites, heavy traffic. I experienced the increase of the volume near fans and near a construction site. If there is some kind of characteristic of voice hearing like this, we might be able to separate our symptoms from the mental illness with similar symptoms. I know my harassers are trying to claim me as mentally ill by stalking and mobbing. If they know how to create a stimuli that is similar to the symptom of mental problem, I bet they would use the technique. So, studying Psychophysics would be a key to understand the electronic harassment devices.

09 November, 2008

I got some evidence of Electronic Harassment.

Some victims of organized stalking and electronic harassment say that the harassers use non lethal weapons to cause damage to their body or electronic devices. I know the claim might cause the victims sounds much like having mental problem. I would not believe it if I am not one of the victim experiencing funny incidents that cannot explain without including unknown high-tech devices used by the harassers (including people in Kantonspolizei).

Many victims may explain how their body movements are hacked or their thoughts manipulated. Meanwhile, their electronic devices might work differently. For the Internet connection, they might experience surfing through the "intranet" built for the covert operation to limit the information the victims would get. I experienced that one when I used the Internet service in Chiasso. At that time, I was living in the refugee center about two blocks from the Italian boarder. There was a sign that the regular Internet point moved to another location in the city from the main street. When I used the Internet store, there were always some customers using the Internet chat like Meebo around me. I'm not sure how many people use Internet service for paying several francs for just chatting. But that was what happened, and it was the time I found fake information about Switzerland. From the "google search," I checked out websites telling me that Switzerland have no president and joined EU as the 13th. In a retrospect, I think that does not work unless the harassers can read my mind and my plan of what to use the Internet. For the Swisscom Wifi service at Hotel Aarauerhof and Aarau train station, I experienced disconnection from the Internet. Sometimes I saw a username "Auslander" when I search available connection. I can prove this part as I filmed funny incidents for half an year.

My OpenOffice seems to be hacked sometimes. When I tried to use Base (too slow for a huge database but small and fast enough for less than 100 entry), I saw the same data appeared in several rows. I imputed the original in 27th, but somehow the same information was shown in 37th and again in 47th row. These rows were inaccessible and could not change anything. I ignored entering on these part, and later I found these 37th and 47th were missing. The number was auto registry ID key, so it seemed the OpenOffice Base was hacked. Because of the information in the database, I was unable to film the evidence.

The last incident is about how I got evidence of the electronic harassment. When I go out, I always turn on my "old" digital camera to film the entrance. At the beginning, the camera was working fine and was able to film for over 1 hour. However, it cannot continue filming these days. Somehow, the camera stops after filming about 10 minutes. I think 10 minutes would be enough for the harassers to know if I am going to return to home or just continue my way for shopping, etc. Before I use the camera, I input an empty media and full-charged battery for filming long time. But that does not help my camera to stop filming. People can claim my camera just turned off for sleep mode or something, but it was able to film for over 1 hour before. This excuse won't work for my case. What I got is the film of over 1 hour views of the entrance and about 10 minutes ones. If the harassers use electronic weapon, they are able to shut down a particular digital camera. If they have someone works for Sony, they might be able to create a spare of the remote control. I bought that camera in San Jose and that model was pretty old. But the camera works fine for filming a long time sometimes and only some occasions it stops recording. If the media is full, then I could see it from the size of imported files to my PC. This is a funny incident I can share with some physical evidences.

For my Sony VAIO, the harassers might used some DEW to cause damage on the monitor part. But that one could not explain the reason.

I'm just collecting the information of the incidents caused by unknown devices. The harassers would try to dismiss any possibilities of electronic devices used for the TIs. But my evidences show something more than just an illusion or mental problem. I am curious how many TIs experience similar harassments in their environment.

06 November, 2008

Covert Psychological Operation in Zofingen Post Office

In the last posting, I mentioned about the skit in the post office in Zofingen. I remembered much clear evidence that the siting of a guy with "Hardcore Terrorist" logo sweatshirt with hood was not a coincidence. Since the perps have hard time making a contact with me as I moved out from the refugee residence to an apartment. They cannot just open my door or put chairs outside of my window to star at my room. Because of their desire for sadistic cruelty, they try to do the overload of skits. I guess that created another crucial evidence from the post office skit. Guess what? Let's explain the situation in a chronological order. I am really good reconstructing a frame of reference as that was required to be a good ethnographer.
1. I entered the post office and I found out the ticket machine did not print out the ticket.
2. Two boys - one tall and fat, and another one short - entered the post office and tried the ticket machine. They asked me if the machine has problem in German.
3. I entered the post office and explained the ticket machine problem at the information desk to the right. There were two female clerks there.
4. One clerk and I went back to the ticket machine and she opened the machine.
5. The machine was jammed and the tickets were stacked around 250 or 260 to the current 279 the customer at the counter C.
6. The female clerk checked the last customer's number on the electronic board. She used a scissor to cut the ticket for me, and my number was 280.
7. I walked toward the counter and waiting section, and found the man at counter C, the latest customer on the board, wearing "Hardcore Terrorist" sweatshirt with hood.
8. I felt his logo as the "trigger" that perps often use. (In my videos, you can see non-residents with "Don't worry be happy," "Cocaine," "NYPD," "A head of time" logo clothes for NLP anchoring.)
9. On the same day, I was walking to Migros, I saw the same "Hardcore Terrorist" guy.

The questions are: Why these 20+ customers before number 279 did not mention the ticket jammed? And how come the guy with "Hardcore Terrorist" logo was the last one at the counter C, and how come I was the next to be at the counter C, which Ms. Hxxxx was serving? How come no body was waiting in the post office and I was the first one to find out the ticket machine problem?

Unfortunately, I did not film this funny ticket machine jamming part. So, they may claim I am mentally ill and saw a delusion like the residents at Casa Torfeld I. But if the post office has some surveillance cameras, they can see what happened to the customers before 279 and why they did not show their ticket.
To prove my evidence, I am able to share the guy with "Hardcore Terrorist" logo. He was the customer number 279 at counter C in Zofingen post office. Say, we know the name of the clerk (I share the initial) and the customer number. And we can imput these information to the patterns of gang stalking activities well told around the Internet. What is the possibility to make me claiming me crazy? If I made up the story, then how come I know the clerk name like Ms. Hxxxx who served both the "Hardcore Terrorist" guy and me at counter C?

By the way, it was the day I saw kanton police car on both my way and back from the Zofingen downtown. Here is the licence number of the Kantonspolizei car: AG42225.

For African American studies, there are tons of covert operation about local community and government available to study. I wonder creating a field for the TI for formal study could help understanding in social science field. Like.. TI studies like the definition of "a study of oppressed people by the government and community."

04 November, 2008


Since I was busy studying about database like reviewing the SQL functions and checking how to use Oracle software, I haven't go out since October 27th. If I can get study materials from the Internet, why should I go out? I haven't touch database software since... last century? but I figured out using database would be fun to kill my time with memorizing SQL functions. SQL is a quite easy language comes with English like communication commands. Basic like commands but much more like C format. Some functions are funny name like "HAVING" but I think it is easier to use command line than figuring out the functions through GUI buttons.

When I need to sort my data with columns, I prefer to use spreadsheets for easier data conversion. For a database file, it is hard to change one format to another while spreadsheets are easy for converting the information into another format. One thing I liked Oracle software is the easy conversion from spreadsheet format.

Since I got enough information about the perps' cars with rosary anchoring, I am thinking to create the database for them. This time, I need to use a database. If I want to find out the frequency and the daily sensitization experience in my OSAM films, I definitely need database for analyzing the data. (I'm thinking to develop a program for storing perp information, but I am not sure if I wanna use NetBeans or Oracle with MS Visual Studio extension. It is just a plan, you know.)

Well, I went out today to pay bills, and I experienced some perp activities in the post office like on October 27th. I am not sure if this is a covert operation, but I think it is fun to see cars with rosary as I am working on creating a database for them!! Oh, yeah, while I was playing with database functions, I used Zabasearch to get some sample people information for practice. The V2K speaking Japanese seemed to collect the information I was typing, I might caused some people to become new TIs because of my action. Who knows?

I usually do not share OSAM film in my blog, but I share the latest one here.

01 November, 2008

Who would become a Targeted Individual? The possibility is One in Twenty!!!

From my childhood, I admired Colin Wilson's works. He is an English writer and thinker who has broad knowledge in philosophy, criminology, etc. In his books, Wilson often discuss about "outsider" which means someone who is superior and unique from others. He explains "outsider" as someone who struggle to reach the truth while others are easily driven by the environment and influenced from people. To know about the term, please read the book The Outsdier for the detail. When I consider the information about the information written in The Outsider and Beyond Outsider, I think the Targeted Individuals are the ones who has possibilities to be categorized as "outsider." I remembered citing of the book The Outsider in my term paper in Fall 2005. I am not sure if that triggered me to be the target but it seems it could be another conspiracy the SJSU organized stalkers made from my writing. Personally, I like the comparison of "outsider" with Byronic hero characteristics.

If you have read Wilson's discoveries and theories in his 60+ books, you would find similarities of his statements. Studying his writings may give a clue to the current mind control and worldwide population control. Wilson often mentions about cybernetics and other issues. I learned about Carl Jung, Abraham Maslow, and other psychologists information from his books.
On of his book Personality Surgeon is about how to change the personality of oneself. For the lab study, the professor uses a camcorder to film the subject and let the subject changes his or her behavior. It is like how to monitor one's behavior by oneself for analysis and decides how to change his or her image. You know such study is what the congressmen and public relation executives go through to look like professional these days. I used the same technique during I was surrounded by the perps in Casa Torfeld I, the refugee residence. I collected the information of the perps behaviors and how I was communicating with them for analysis.
"From Publishers Weekly
During a break at a professional conference, Dr. Charlie Peruzzi, an English general practitioner, stumbles on the truth of the "personality theory" expounded by a Swedish brain specialist. Peruzzi observes for himself that people often have a distorted view of how others perceive them. He is convinced that if individuals could view themselves as others do, their basic personality problems might be solved, and decides to abandon his medical practice and instead conduct psychological research. Eventually, an entrepreneur offers to fund Peruzzi's "personality surgery." The doctor opens a laboratory where he formalizes his studies through the use of sophisticated computer technology. The story ends as he begins to gain recognition for developing what is called "the most exciting theory since Freud." Veteran author Wilson's (The Mind Parasites novel reads like an unembellished scientific log. While the premise may hold interest, the plot lacks drama and character development is nil.
Copyright 1987 Reed Business Information, Inc. "

Another interesting finding from Wilson's book is that the ratio of outsider in human population is "One in Twenty." Why outsider is a problem for the society with total control? Check out the citation below.
'Dominance is a subject of enormous interest to biologists and zoologists because the percentage of dominant animals — or human beings — seems to be amazingly constant. Bernard Shaw once asked the explorer H. M. Stanley how many other men could take over leadership of the expedition if Stanley himself fell ill; Stanley replied promptly: ‘One in twenty.’ ‘Is that exact or approximate?’ asked Shaw. ‘Exact.’ And biological studies have confirmed this as a fact. For some odd reason, precisely five percent — one in twenty — of any animal group are dominant — have leadership qualities. During the Korean War, the Chinese made the interesting discovery that if they separated out the dominant five percent of American prisoners of war, and kept them in a separate compound, the remaining ninety-five percent made no attempt to escape.'
— Colin Wilson, from A Criminal History of Mankind (p. 72)
(Quote courtesy of Righteouswarriortemple.org)"

In addition, I found some interesting information from the above website I got quotation. 20-80 Rule would be applicable for other fields. Just imagine how the current harassers are trying to eliminate the possible threat for their job title or their community.

"James O'Neill
08-03-2005, 09:45
Mr. McConnell gave an excellent answer - going so far as to reference the 80-20 rule even! Very well said :bow:

I have heard of the 80 - 20 rule (supposedly, exactly 20% of a given population would be considered to have leadership qualities, aka; Alfas, the remaining 80% being "followers"). I haven't ever heard it called the Pareto equation before though.

Perhaps our Dragon Minded friend would care to shed some light on who Pareto was & why the 80 - 20 rule bears his name?

08-03-2005, 11:08
Vilfredo Pareto was an Italian economist. He was interested in wealth distribution and noted that 20% of the population controlled 80% of the wealth. He developed a formula for it (log N = log A + m log x). This ratio has been found to hold for a number of other fields as well. The 80-20 Rule is the common name, but I like to give credit to the originator. For more info see http://cepa.newschool.edu/het/profiles/pareto.htm"

By the way, It seems Colin Wilson joined the "group" after the failure of his first marriage. But he is an outsider, he did not stop telling the piece of the truth to the world. If someone needs to keep his work continued, I am on my way - as I am another outsider.