22 February, 2017



It is just the illusion or not?
We make mistakes all the time
But the mother nature gives us a love knot
That is never ever tied again

So what's the matter a star said
To the little princess in the sky
What are you going to be afraid
When you ever changing girl, don't be shy

So the Moon slept and slept
And once again it revealed the thought
Maybe I shall conquer the stars
no matter how small or the looks matters

When they fought on the Milkey Way matress
The stars are all died in the crown
That the Moon brought from its own synergy psychosis
Because that is the way how the queen
Is cheered and so to be born

Amsterdam once again
Now is the yacht in the harbor of Yokohama
To river of the Indian Ocean
Yet to see your smile in the Nile River

When to see a thing in the two
That's the love knot really revealed
Whining the Little Pooh with the little popo
And the handsome speaking fassy French using the word "doppo"

O Segnora dov'e la vacanza?
No soy in Ungern ali in Vienna
What kind of language
you speak doesn't matter

We all make mistakes
*Shiny and shiny*
So to speak is the last star
hidden in the Moon not to be conquered
I am here but you missed me
So what does it mean in the pee-kaa-boo game?

Thought of nothing
The moon smiled, and she kissed
Now the Love kills the letter
It is better not to be on the bet(but)later

The V2K speakers told me I will write this poem in future and it will become very popular, so I just share this one as well. I'm just curious how it looks cool.
It's about a small poor boy's story, the V2K speakers said.
Just read it loud and see how it goes smooth. That's what I liked this poem.