20 February, 2017

Pot Mouse - the massive bestseller in future

The next big best seller like Harry Potter is "Pot Mouse." It's a story about a mouse phenomenon in a pot. The scientist had the mini mouse called "Nicki" and it died after eating its favorite curry. The mouse phenomenon was in the curry pot and the scientist tried to figure out what the pot mouse doing. The first edition is about the mouse to be found in his garage not yet theory made - and after the big bang theory, the mouse was found monitoring him in the google like tool instead of the scientist looking at him. No more heroes, bye. was the last mouse word and it banished. Then the party was going on in the tube. Then the scientist threw away his gadget for mouse ghost detector then he made it once again in the second book.
The Pot Mouse series has the total of 5 books. 1. discovery. 2. running away with cats. 3. sorry sleepy mouse but tell me your name 4. Is pot mouse ok? (the story of the big debate about mouse existing theory in Russia) 5. serenade. ( the emblem on pot mouse company for inviting children to the ghost ride in the dream space)
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