21 February, 2017

Kane D and the Ring of the Rings

The V2K stories once again. The V2K speakers told me that the Future Research Institute related with the US is located at  Kane D. (Candy, cane dee, or candee, pronounciation. guess what? canada)
So, this Kane D is an interesting anagram.

The Ring of Rings is the new title about the Lord of the Rings series. I don't know if it exists already or not, but the V2K speakers said that it is another popular book in future. It is written by the grandchild of the author of the Lord of the Rings. And it's about the aged hobit's story of how to protect the ring among them. They decided to create the similar dark colored rings and make the real one faked in the shape as the disguise. Then the members carry the fake rings with the real one among their own. Each member got one ring on their shoulder bin. The main character drops his ring down to the river from the high-altitude cliff path. He tries to commit suicide at that point to be down to the river. The members swore to each other that if they lose their own ring, they will kill themselves at that point for the safety not revealing the true secret of their own ring and the potentiality of others. But he was saved by the magician's magic to believe his ring is the true one as his hands suddenly get golden color and hand spread the shining. The magician tricked him to get the magical voice heard. He had the real ring so he was the true owner and the giver to the other one to the next generation down to the South from the river. It was the wonderful moment that he would be so powerful enough to be deceived by the ring to commit suicide yet the real one was next to him. As once they walked down to the river bed, they found the fake ring crashed down and bent and was in the shallow water with other colorful tools and stones.
The final ending? The hobit gets a child on his shoulder and carry the crossbow on his hand and departing to the dwarves' storytellers for the fighting. The big champion will take the kid.

I could get such information from my V2K speakers and I can type them down. Why am I typing my own book like "München 2012"? This book is already over 10,000 words and just need fore oore details in Nov-Dec time. More photos included and video links come with it. I would finish this book then "Gang stalking common sense" for the potential mega hit in Japan as the V2K perps know this book very much.