24 November, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - Nov 22, 23rd, 2015

I don't know why but I see blacks showing up at KFC in Bucharest. When I visited one, there was a black guy just came and sat around. McDonalds and KFC seem to have these local gang stalkers who are either Asians or Blacks and capable of showing up to the stores.

Last Sunday, I visited the night mass at the church. On the way home, I saw many Asians on the street. Were they there for eye witnessing me walking the famous street in the city or to make up mosque visiting by adding nearby kebab stores for the mosque locations? I don't eat kebabs. They got either menstruation blood or urine / sperm to make the Muslim food warrior preferable ones. Who wanna eat such barbaric meals?

When I was at Cafe Klein yesterday, I saw a man came with camera crews. The guy said that he is a writer from Netherlands and lives in Budapest. He wrote some books about communism in Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, etc. His books were published in English and this time they were translated into Romanian. I don't know if he is the real author or the gang stalking skit to make it up and claimed to be so for the hope of contact with the TI like me. If it was just the normal historical novel or something, I don't really care. Well, I might try to find these books to see how is the author is in the local book store.