29 November, 2015

This is what Muslims believe and why people are aware of them

Can anyone write a Quran like story telling book to drive some millions of people to buy it and believe it? I think that will replace the Middle Eastern religion completely after Putin nuking Meca. They just need to read a book and believe in it for their lives. Why not Necronomicon? It suites for the era of machine attached to the human body and even for the Project Blue Beam. At least, leading a sci-fi novel sounds better for peace than a Quran for the Arabs.

I wanna put some posters like this around the city with my German car photo sales posters. No Muslim means peace for Christmas time. Why Muslims don't have option to move to Dubai or somewhere modern in the Middle East? They should know why they are unwelcome in their area while they are teaching to insult non-Muslims in the area based on their Quran? I insult Muslims based on what they believe and they act on us from over few hundreds years ago.