06 November, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - October 30th, 2015

The video from Oct 31st. A large rabbit was wondering near Franciscan church in Cluj Napoca. The V2K perps told me that the rabbit represents Christians and the perps would just eat it later as they think like "if it is in war time, the ones eat animals will survive." I don't know if that is from Nazi philosophy or not. But that was strange event.

While I was typing this, I forgot the word, rabbit. For me, it's impossible to forget something that simple. It happened like the V2K different word speeches on me. When I think about the word, rabbit, they shouted like "Usagi (rabbit in Japanese)" and some other words like Easter. Well, Easter is the trigger word to bring me to think the memory connected to rabbit or even the mental image of it. Then I got the word "bunny" but that is not quite right about what I want to say. The V2K perps told me that they wanted me to use the English dictionary to check the word up. Is this how some students targeted by the electronic harassment easily drop their grades during the exam? I just used my knowledge of German letter and wikipedia gave me the right word in English page. It's not how someone suddenly forgets a word. I used rabbit while I created the video and there is no way I needed to use an English translating software. There are certain things people forget easily like unfamiliar words or very rare words people use like ---phobia technical terms. I forgot someone's last name and it could not come back even after few days of thinking. And that time, I just needed to look up the email to check the full name. I knew her name for long time but suddenly I lost it when I tried to remember it. Is this how people make someone to be Alzheimer if they don't really check the lost memory parts?

I had another problem during the language lesson yesterday. I could hear the outside noises more clearly from the back of my head like microwave hearing. Also, when I think about the Romanian word, they, I could not concentrate as I had some certain tone of the noise going on toward me. It was like I hear the electronic noise of beeeeeeeeep and it cancelled my thinking ability. It was just temporary and later I had better concentration.