25 November, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - November 25th, 2015

I went to Cafe Matrioska near the church and saw a large group with some Asians sat on the first floor. They were talking in Bosnian or Serbian. I just left there for safety. They could be the local human trafficking mafia and they could start stealing or claiming someone stealing things.

At the church, I found a golden miraculous medal on the floor near I sat. There were 3 people nearby - a woman with a baby cart to the right back and 2 women to the 2 rows to the front. I don't know how the medal was left there like that way. The medal is written in Croatian.

Near McDonalds, I saw a man in sandals walking.

By the way, I found some small pencils and the pencil shapener in my side bag pocket. When I went back from the Pope visit in Sarajevo this June, I found all the pencil shapeners I had - total was two, though - were missing from my suitcase. I left all the unnecessary things in my suitcase and when I came back, I tried to restore what I put in my bag but pencils and the shapeners were missing. But somehow, I found them returned. On the other hand, I think my few EURO coins went missing. I put some for the emergency use at the bathroom and such for the travelling in the same pocket, but they went missing. I don't know how this was done. When I sleep, I put stuffs in front of the doors and windows, so no one can enter while I slept. Communion time would be hard as others should be watching and stealing during the mass should be bad for the gangs.