14 February, 2017

A book - Scrivener and my writing experience

Here is the approx. 10 hours work about my first book written with the 30 days trial version Scrivener.  Nothing much my notes and expressing about my writing life and with Scrivener.

I would say this is a good choice if the version is Scrivener 2 that is the version sold in Mac already for a long time. Win version is still 1. So, you see why I just wanted to give a try and saw it still just enough. But it was a positive feeling with the destruction free writing tool with the character and space management tools. For the better indentation and front page image adding, Sigil or WPS Write was a better choice for me. WPS got picture compression function that helps to reduce the total volume of the file. Shall I write a tutorial book about Scrivener after solving some problems I had? Maybe, but I would rather just use some normal tools around for awhile.