09 December, 2015

Gang Stalking Analysis vol.11 - Bucharest

I went to SportsVirus near Novotel to check the camping goods today. You know, it's good to have some stuffs handy for camping and such. Camping goods are usually small and light for handling. When I was walking to the store, I saw a Munich car. Then I got beeped at the store entrance when I was about to enter and I filmed the incident. The clerk said that it could be because I was wearing the Jack Wolfskin jacket. Well, I wear it in winter since 2012 and the same jacket has been on my OSAM video sometimes. The most noticeable one is at a cafe in Paris when another Japanese woman showed up and was on the phone talking like face lift and spying job and such and I saw a man in the same black colour Jack Wolfskin jacket sat on the ground floor of the cafe.

I didn't really check the store goods at Sports Virus but I just left after entering near the alarm spot. I added the Carrefour incident from Nov 15th, 2015 for GSA 11 from Bucharest. I probably put them at Internet Archive for safety keeping the public videos.

I might check another SportsVirus store in Bucharest tomorrow to see if their alarm goes beeping or not. Well, I might ask about the alarm beeping there if I have a chance. They got nice website for the goods browsing, so I don't mind asking questions to find some stuffs. But I may not buy something as it could be ruined by the gang stalkers. Say, if I buy a small camping cooking set, it could be used by the gang stalkers boiling their underwear in the pots for the humiliation. I could say more about such insults I've heard from the V2K perps. But it sounds better for me to get something for cooking to make things cheap.