11 December, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - Dec 10th, 2015

Latin Pizza got clerk working with a woman showed up after me. She did not order anything and acted like the clerk's boy friend.

Also, my green Croc clone got hole on it because of a strange plastic shaped pin. I bought it in Djenovici this summer and I used it for going to the beaches at that time. Now I'm using it to walk around in the accommodation and also taking bath in the bathtub. The strange thing was the V2K  voice suddenly told me "takaku tode 1.2.3.. (fly high 1.2.3..)" and I felt a needle pain on my foot while I was walking back from the bathroom. There was this plastic pin stacked on the sole of the Croc clone. I only use the Croc clone at my accommodation and got strange pin enough to piece through.