11 December, 2015

Organized Stalkers Around Me - December 11th, 2015

I visited Sport Virus in another location today. It was a very small shop near the tram stop. There were 2 men in the store and when I entered, one of them asked where to find Jack Wolfskin clothes. Then he asked if they are Goretex or not or something. But both guys left without buying anything. I guess their faces are filmed when I went in as it could prove beeping problem here or not. I didn't see the type I wanted to buy and I also left. Are they perps?

Also, I saw a group of architecture students hanging around. I saw a group like that yesterday and also today. Not so many architecture students around in a city. When I took a bus from Zagreb to Skopje, I saw some architect items held by students in the bus. I don't know if these kids are working together for the gang stalking and working hard on the study to learn how to add urine and waste into the drinking water.

2 German cars today. One I missed as it was driving far from me. Maybe, I should have shout the license number for recording. At least Asians who showed up near my accommodation when I left and came back were filmed well.