22 December, 2015

I haven't post anything here but some videos are at FB and YouTube

I tried to post video from past few days few minutes ago. The uploading pop-up actually return to the pop-up with upload video sign. I don't know why blogger won't let me upload a video properly. I might just put the YouTube link to the videos and post something tonight. Christmas is coming.

There are few things I learned from my life as a TI. And I'm thinking to share it as books. I don't know how many TIs are out there and who are moles for the others to trick their identity as the TIs to be strongest among the people categorized as TIs. People may talk but they actually turn to accuse others or ridicule others.

Too much language study made me just know here and there languages. Now what to do with that before forgetting all the verb charts and such? I shall make some leaning notes for the reminders. Typing business is what it is. Also, I might start adding some V2K sessions to the Internet Archive for the good comparison with Seth Material and other channelling studies from the New Age era.