11 December, 2015

Jew bating at Mega store Str. Edgar Quinet in Bucharest

I saw 2 German cars today. Also one Netherlands car and few Spanish and such. Not many foreign cars in the area except they are used by the gang stalkers.

When I visited Mega store near Calera Victorei, I saw a clerk closing the entrance door. I walked around the store and went to the cashier as usual. At that time, two female clerks were counting the money together and recounted once again for the money. I waited for awhile while the young male clerk stood near the entrance door and was on the phone all the time. Eventually, the female clerk passed my groceries at the cashier. She scanned one bar code stuff on the white board but I was not sure which item she did. When I left the store, I saw a man holding a 100LEI bank note on his right hand and walking. It looked like Jew Baiting and I filmed it for the evidence.

One more thing to notice - I dropped my locker key while I was waiting these clerks finishing money counting. I was aware that forced muscle movement of the electronic harassment could happen to make me drop something and pick it up from the floor at the places like in front of the cashier, counter, and so on for making me look suspicious for the theft or something.

Was it really the Jew bating or just making up the hate crime against Asians or the people believing to be Muslim and trying to get money out from police tipping? I hate Muslim and stay away from Islamic crazy things. My Xmas gift on this blog would be my Bucharest Muslim list in PDF file. It could be easily done making the German car and other perp list 2015 for the sales.