07 February, 2016

Kilronan Hostel sending email "+you need some psychatric help" like a gang stalking spam

I found some people do the volunteering works and I thought it could reduce my expense and give me some work experience on CV. I sent some information to the places that seems to be less Muslims and I can be safe around.

First email I received said that "we are not in Dublin" and the second email said like this.

Kilronan Hostel
5. Feb. (vor 2 Tagen)
an mich
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+ you need some psychatric help
Miyoko Goto <>
00:44 (vor 0 Minuten)
an Kilronan

What to do with only typing about my arrival in Dublin time and they contacted me first about they do not locate in Dublin. Then the hostel sends me of this email. Do they work for the gang stalking and causing people to gone crazy with gaslight effects type psychological operations? Do they have any theft making up or damage making ups?
I mean I could arrive in Dublin around that time. If this small misunderstanding require someone to be in mental institution, I just call you a perpetrator hostel.