23 February, 2016

Organized Stalkers Around Me - February 21-23, 2016

Here is the latest German car and other informants in my life. Some Swiss cars are here and there. I sometimes missed photo taking. At least, I'm backing up the photos and things from the past so they are not gonna gone missing.

By the way, I had the low vibration on the body feeling from yesterday on the bed but I found the floor shaking also. It's a wooden floor and it makes noise when I walk around. The concrete building also shakes some times like an earthquake. Then I discovered that the vibration on the body got more shaking feeling on the floor instead of my body. So, is this the ultrasonic or some sort of the sound technology to shake things?

Ok, here is the photos. A fake looking egg I found in the carton I bought. It's better check the eggs inside for any strange things.

A German car and a Swiss car and even a UK car.

A Ninja turtles T-shirt from today. There was "American Samurai" movie at night on Pink Action channel tonight.