12 February, 2016

Threat from the V2K perps these days

I moved to a new accommodation in Belgrade few days ago and now I have the V2K perps telling me that they are trying to hack my passwords and such with router checking. They say Swedish people do that in their country with the legal rights students. Well, I didn't sign in to blogger for awhile because of that. I'm carefully covering my fingers when I type my passwords and such and made sure no one around. I guess I just need to have the better saved back ups. I sell the blog copy for 1€ till 2014. Now I will make a new one for 2015 and till January. Not yet for sales, though.

Also, the V2K people say that they make the exercises for the police point system and they could get points to stay on the field for awhile after passing that. They say like they are trying to steal something and returning it for the rewards. Well, that sounds like the covert operation. The V2K perps said that they want to destroy my blog because that can make my Christianity denied. The V2K perps said that they got police wannabe from Aomori for the rumor making in the city. I don't know if that is true.

They said that they thought I would be in Zagreb and brought some group from Japan for the group surveillance. They said that they are in trouble and someone must pay about 500,000 yen for the not covered trip from Japan and the return fare. I don't know where they are from, but that sounds normal.

Somehow, the V2K perps claim me to be a police also. And they thought they can take anything from my belongings for their use. And they also talk about the surveillance at night as if I should go out at night for the surveillance if I'm a Muslim "officer." I don't really see why I have to be counted in Muslims. Maybe, these information can be the clue of finding the real identity of the gang stalkers' organization.

Also, there was this strange V2K perps telling about the local immigrants. They say like the immigrants have rights to live in the community as the back up officers from Japan, and they can do anything to avoid any further people entering to the city. Well, that could be how the people are targeted by the local hate crime groups with the most easy motivation like taking out the future competitors. It should work together with Korean and Chinese immigrants for sure for the harassment. In Zagreb, there was someone claimed my Rolex watch as his and he got busted because of my video with it from Aarau area in Switzerland. I've heard the same situation happened at Thomas Schöllhammer (a.k.a Tol? for the nickname for the officer?) in München. There are some Japanese people living near the cable car in Zagreb and they are the one acting for the gang stalking. There is also the rich doctor who got married with a Croat woman after they met in Italy and live in a large house in the Dubrovnik area and that one also work for the gang stalking recruiter.