11 February, 2016

Organized Stalkers Around Me - February 10th, 2016

Here is the video from yesterday. I have problem of bladder at night since I'm in Serbia. When I was in Budapest, I had my own bedroom with a bath. Now I have the shared bath and a private room to sleep. I have problem of the need to go to pee at night after midnight when I am working with my new books - History 2035, 3005 is coming soon. I finished drawing all the pictures - no more mouse drawn stick men this time. I scan them for the better illustration in the book. I share some images as a sample for the ads. Well, I have pibella since my trip to Berlin and I can use it in my room. So far, I found it strangely a lot of urine to be taken at night like more than 2L in several hours. And this urine problem keeps me to be awake as well as the low vibration projection on my body. It's not normal for the people to feel the need to go to pee in every 30 minutes or so. And the amount is about 200ml to about 400ml as the max. I don't think that is a normal situation. Also, the suddden feeling for the pooping also happen in the same way but not at night. There could be a sudden need for that one time but it is in the form of diarrhea. And then all the contents in my stomach is done and no more of such a problem. Now is lend and I'm not eating a lot. So, it seems only the problem is the urination. Also, I cannot wake up in the morning because of the sudden heavy sleepiness. And I wake up around noon to 2pm. I can work later at night till 1 or 2am, so I don't really have problem for making up but I waste more time in the bed not able to sleep for few hours till dawn.

Well, here is the video showing there were two Asians showed up at the church mass for the Ash Wednesday. One of them stood in front of me for the communion. I don't know why two Asians showed up for such a time and strangely near me. So, I added the videos here. It happened in the same way in Cluj Napoca or Bucharest seeing strange Asian women showed up near me. If they were their for the surveillance and not really Christians, they could be in trouble. I'm preventing the false witness against me.