22 February, 2016

Long time pause from the blog posting

I haven't write posting to this blog for awhile. It was not because I quited blogging. I just had some other things and FB is so easy for posting things with the global tagging to let people see it without the web search. I'm also working on the backup of the videos and photo files. It's quite heavy to process behind on the web browser while I use the text editor for the writing for my books.

I finished backing up my Japanese blog but I wanted to add the video blog links. Then I found OSAM missing from YouTube and no vieos till 2005 March time outside of this blog. What happened to the OSAM videos during 2012? Well, that is missing also from my extrenal HDDs backups. All missing but the photos are available. So, I am now working to backup the videos to the Internet Archive.

I could be adding something later here.